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Tag: Malay support

Don’t use Zakir Naik to get Malay votes, G25 member tells...

The group of influential Malays urges the government to act against anyone making hate speeches or criticising any religion.

Now, PPBM’s turn to show PH still enjoys support

The party admits the challenge ahead in the absence of PAS that acted as the 'spoiler' in the last polls.

40% jump in Malay votes clinched BN victory in Camerons

Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming says PH was unable to make any significant headway among the Malay and Orang Asli voters despite a small increase in support from both communities.

Dr Mahathir’s ratings down by 20%, says Rafizi

The former MP says post-election euphoria in favour of Pakatan Harapan has waned due to the coalition's own doing.

Pushback against ICERD reflects old fears over trade-off with non-Malays, says...

The prime minister says he saw this coming, and had also warned about it in his UN General Assembly speech.

Merdeka Center: Malay tsunami not enough for PH to take Putrajaya

Research centre predicts that BN will keep the status quo.

Fed-Penang? Just means BN fed-up of losing support, says Kit Siang

Non-Malay support is no-hope for BN and it's frightened of losing its 10 Umno seats as well, he says.

MyKMU.net: Did Dr M cheat to win elections?

Pro-Umno blog wonders if former PM was speaking from experience when he claimed BN could lose the next GE if it adhered to election rules.