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Tag: Malay unity

Malay unity talks must lead to a truly Malaysian unity

While Malays have taken the initiative to unite their own 'household', we also need a narrative that involves all Malaysians.

Are you Islamophobes, Hadi asks unity meet critics

PAS president says people should understand that Islam could unite Malay-Muslims as the majority community without sidelining others.

Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ at PWTC as Umno, PAS sign historic...

The signing of the charter today marks a new high in ties between Malaysia's two largest Malay-Muslim parties.

‘Malay-centric nation’ in the making, analysts say ahead of historic Umno-PAS...

But such politics will be snubbed by people in Sabah and Sarawak.

Politics and the common man

As politicians fuss over sexual escapades and Malay unity where does that leave solutions for a better Malaysia?

PH must boost Malay support for GE15, says Mat Sabu

The Amanah president says this will strengthen the coalition as a whole.

We’ll stick with PAS but you should come back to Umno,...

Nazri Aziz says Malay-based parties don't have the numbers.

I won’t leave Umno for PPBM, Hisham says

The former Umno veep says he will meet anyone who wants to discuss unity but that he will not leave Umno.

Dr M’s call for ‘Malay unity’ makes sense, says Mat Sabu

But the Amanah president says it is up to Malay-based parties whether to join PPBM or not.

Up to Dr M to make ‘Malay unity’ call to Umno,...

The PKR leader says the PPBM chairman can explain more when PH leaders meet.

Join us, Dr M tells Umno and Malay parties

Malay politics has split into different factions, says the prime minister.

Politics makes strange bedfellows

The cooperation between Umno and PAS will cause Malay politics to tilt to the right, and should not be easily dismissed by PH.

Umno-PAS alliance bad for race relations, says Dr M

The prime minister says PH too is concerned about Malay unity.

Not all Malays with Umno and PAS, says Anwar on unity...

The PKR president says the interests of all Malaysians need to be protected.

Umno-PAS cooperation can topple PH at GE15, says Mohamad Hasan

The Umno deputy president says if Malays unite, anything is possible, including reclaiming Putrajaya.

PAS-Umno marriage: Do Dayak parties now accept hudud?

State PKR chief asks Dayak-based parties under BN if they are alarmed at Umno information chief Annuar Musa’s statement on the party being ready to negotiate a pact with PAS.

‘Dr M losing people’s respect for creating discord’

Mahathir’s attacks on Umno will lead to disintegration of Malay unity, warns Umno supreme council member Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin.

Ismail Sabri wants ‘war’ with DAP, opposition

Supreme Council man reminds Umno members to stop infighting and bickering over 1MDB and other issues. “You should be attacking Lim Guan Eng, reclamation, and the latest, a YB’s father playing middle-man"