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Govt should be dominated by Malays for stability, says PAS leader

The party's deputy president says this has been going on for 60 years.

Kg Baru development will not marginalise Malays, assures Dr M

The government offers landowners and heirs RM850 psf in compensation.

Dewan Bahasa slams ministry for rebranding Hari Sukan Negara in English

Govt body says the ministry's action is not in line with the government’s aspirations to expand the use of Malay in official programmes.

Discard irrelevant topics in BM syllabus

The content should be simplified so as to make the whole learning process enjoyable.

Respect one another, Penang mufti advises all races

Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor's reminder comes in the wake of the Perlis mufti's criticism of those he claimed disregarded the dominance of Malays in Malaysia.

I’ve a mission, says youth behind ‘How Malay am I’ viral...

Penang-born Jefri Nazri's Twitter videos are all about showing that our differences should unite, not divide, us.

PH leaders council to discuss Dr M’s Umno invite, says Anwar

Presidential council meeting is the best place, and Mahathir will have the room to explain says PKR leader.

Gay, Muslim, Thai: Artist caught in tug of war

Gay Thai Muslim Samak Kosem uses art to explore how LGBT+ Thais in the restive south reconcile their religion with their sexual identity.

11 years on, Azura still thrilled over teaching in Chinese school

Teacher at Chinese independent school rhapsodises about her students and her colleagues.

PM pokes fun at Putra, says new party ‘good’ for Malay...

The prime minister also says he does not see any issues with Education Minister Maszlee Malik over his stand on matriculation.

Wipe out race discrimination with right policies

Building genuine partnerships for a united Malaysia is an idea worth pursuing with the right political will.

Malaysian agenda vs Malay agenda: The battle begins

With the Umno-PAS alliance clearly stating it will fight for the good of the Muslims, the stage is set for a political struggle between a coalition promoting a Malay agenda and another that is embracing a Malaysian outlook.

Groups, politicians voice concern over racial bias in private sector hiring

They say recruitment should be based on merit and not on racial considerations, with some suggesting the introduction of an equal opportunity law.

Survey shows Malays, Indians face discrimination in getting jobs

Chinese candidates for private sector jobs obtain more callbacks than their Malay and Indian peers combined, shows survey by Centre for Governance and Political Studies.

Our aim was to help nursing staff, says hospital behind controversial...

Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani’s nursing director Katini Abu Hassan says nurses of different races will allow the staff to spend more quality time with their families during festive times.

Don laments neglect of Malay as an academic language

Syed Farid al-Attas also says it's better for schools to teach English only as a subject but to do it well.

Dr M: Malay support for PH in Semenyih ‘still strong’

PPBM chairman confident PH has a very good chance of winning the Malay-majority seat in the coming by-election.

UiTM insists on retaining ‘Bumiputera only’ policy

Its vice-chancellor, Prof Emeritus Hassan Said, says policy is still relevant, especially as those from underprivileged families still need UiTM.

Umno denies using racial, religious sentiments to regain support

Its vice-president Mohamed Khaled Nordin says the party has always been openly pro-Islam and Malay.

Be firm, don’t let religion become policy, govt told

Former Sungai Benut MP Tawfik Ismail says it appears the education minister is powerless in the fight against right-wing elements being put into the education system.

Tommy on Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka board because he is AG,...

Some social media users had questioned the AG's appointment to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka's board due to his lack of proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia.

New guidelines soon as Selangor MB distances himself from road signs...

Amirudin Shari says the current government did not decide on dual languages for road signs and there’s no use blaming anyone.

Why Umno must die for PPBM to live

There appears to be a concerted effort to destabilise Umno, if not kill it, as the fluid political landscape begins to solidify.

Master Chinese language without sidelining BM, Anwar advises

Saying Chinese is a language of business, the Port Dickson MP urges Muslims to be inclusive and to speak up against discrimination of the poor by the rich.