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Tag: Malayan Emergency

Page out of history: Gurney’s killing and the village of Tras

After Sir Henry Gurney is assassinated, everyone from the village of Tras is rounded-up and placed in a detention camp on suspicion of collaborating with the communists.

Patriots and pretenders: who were the heroes?

The 1948-1960 Emergency was a crackdown on workers and the anti-colonial struggle, with the Alliance party helping to keep British interests alive. How different would Malaysia be if the 'People's Constitution' had been adopted?

Tempers flare at forum on Malayan Emergency

Heckling breaks out during panel discussion but moderator succeeds in calming them down, with one later apologising for the outburst.

Bodies of New Zealand soldiers buried in Malaysia to return home

The bodies of 27 New Zealand soldiers and a child will be returned next year.

For some uniformed men, independence came much later

It takes a lot of blood and tears to ensure a meaningful Merdeka, says former special branch officer Paul Kiong.