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No point being hero of Malays if it leads to division,...

The PKR president says it is good to take a stand for race and religion, but not to the point where one sows discord in the nation.

After Shah Alam ‘snub’, Anwar to deliver keynote lectures on peaceful...

The PKR supremo will be the guest of honour in at least two programmes in Selangor this month.

MP raps Dr M for saying Malays forced to accept foreigners

Ramkarpal Singh says Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be a prime minister who represents all Malaysians.

Sabah leaders slam congress organiser over ‘Malay Malaysia’ remark

They say Malaysia belongs to everyone, including the many ethnic groups in Sabah and Sarawak.

PAS accepts invite to ‘Malay dignity’ congress despite Umno’s misgivings

Top leadership of the Islamist party sees the congress as a way to unite Muslims.

‘Malay-centric nation’ in the making, analysts say ahead of historic Umno-PAS...

But such politics will be snubbed by people in Sabah and Sarawak.

This Malaysia Day, let’s boycott hate and fear

Hostility and suspicion have shrouded our nation like the haze that is now choking us.

Boycott campaign targeting ‘non-Muslim products’ treads political battle lines

The campaign comes as contentious issues threaten Malaysia's race relations, says an analyst.

Thousands sign up for anti-racism ‘walkabout’ in Malay headgear

Organisers say they want to counter the racism narrative among Malays, whom they claim have been manipulated by politicians.

Happy birthday, Dr M, but don’t ask us to join PPBM,...

The BN MP hopes Chinese and Indians could also be brought under one roof.

Conference on federalism told of Malay legacy in rule of law

Lawyer Rosli Dahlan says the states can serve as examples in the management of a federation.

Shahidan questions why PH lost three by-elections

Arau MP says if 70% of the Malays were to unite, they could take control of Putrajaya.

Hadi trying to be Nik Aziz, says academic

Syed Arabi of UIAM sees PAS moving away from deep conservatism to widen its support base.

Let’s talk about the ‘other Malays’

We should look at individual needs rather than viewing everything through ethnic lenses and have the liberty to define one's own 'Malayness'.

Selangor sultan sounds warning over Malay disunity

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah says the Malays must be united and put aside all wrangling.

Cutting through the Malay noise

Malays are in control of the country and their own destiny, but are now pitted against each other. Malays should use their political dominance wisely and not be used by unscrupulous politicians.

Our monarchs are our own creation

If the monarchs have transgressed or meddled in the affairs of the state, it is because elected leaders have agreed to it or been complicit in allowing such transgressions to take place.

Daim tells Malays to ‘think rationally’

The Council of Eminent Persons chairman says they should not fall for the false narratives being propagated by Umno leaders.

PH needs an ideological framework to regain Malay support

PH leaders are well-meaning and sincere but they cannot assume that economic benefits arising from sound economic policies can garner support from the Malay masses.

Focus on common folk too, says Wan Saiful

PPBM's strategist says those who live outside the 'Bangsar bubble' are the ones who will determine the government's popularity.

Anwar tells why PH facing backlash from Malays

He says the government has succumbed too much to pressure from the urban elite and civil society.

Provide matriculation for Malays, but don’t compromise on standards

The intake into matriculation colleges can be increased, but students must pass an exam that is on par with STPM.

Malay leaders, post-truth and alternative facts

Like Donald Trump, Malay leaders with ulterior motives have peddled post-truth and alternative facts to further 'ketuanan Melayu'.

The PH GE14 manifesto and BN Education Blueprint

The education minister should reform the policy of student intake at colleges and universities, including the matriculation programme, to ensure a balance between fair representation of ethnic groups and special assistance for the B40.