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CEO Qatar Airways: Malaysia Airlines perlu laksana langkah ‘amat getir’ untuk...

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Qatar Airways Group, Akbar Al Baker yakin MAB memiliki peluang luas untuk mengubah situasi itu, namun perlu melaksanakan beberapa langkah yang amat getir.

Malaysia Airlines lancar kempen Fly Malaysia sempena VM2020

Sepanjang kempen itu, logo "Wau" akan dibentuk dengan motif kebaya ikonik bersama reka bentuk batik tradisional, yang mempersembahkan budaya, warisan dan kepelbagaian Malaysia.

Options still on the table for Malaysia Airlines, says Azmin

The economic affairs minister says the government is considering all proposals that come in for the struggling carrier.

Netherlands, Australia ‘won’t rest’ until MH17 victims get justice

Nations pursuing criminal prosecutions for those responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Putrajaya sedia jual PLUS jika ada bidaan sesuai, kata Dr Mahathir

Jika ambil alih berlaku, PLUS perlu diberikan hak dan kepentingan untuk mengurus lebuh raya terbesar di Malaysia itu.

Offers must meet demands, Dr M says on PLUS takeover

The prime minister says companies can make offers but not all will be considered.

Zimbabwe’s central bank paid US$51 million to Malaysia Airlines without govt...

The country's Public Accounts Committee says the payment was made for three planes that never got to take off.

Japan Airlines could bid for Malaysia Airlines stake, says report

The Edge weekly says there have been high level talks for Japan Airlines to pursue an interest in the national carrier.

Landmark High Court decision against Malaysia Airlines empowers union leaders

Judge Nordin Hassan orders MAS to pay compensation to Ismail Nasarudin for unlawful dismissal, saying it is all right for union leaders to issue press statements on workers’ plight.

PM sentuh kemungkinan jual Malaysia Airlines lagi

Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, syarikat penerbangan nasional tidak semestinya dimiliki kerajaan.

Mahathir floats possible MAS sale again

25 years after selling MAS and buying it back in a controversial deal, prime minister says the days of a national flag-carrier are over.

Making a movie about me? Then, tell the whole truth, says...

The prime minister says if anyone were to make a movie on his life, he does not want it to be embellished.

Ryanair sues outgoing COO Peter Bellew amid Easyjet move

Bellew’s contract includes a six-month notice period, and all Ryanair senior management contracts 'have a pretty extensive non-compete agreement,' says its CEO.

Malaysia Airlines to operate charter flights between KL, Istanbul

The national carrier will be the first Malaysian airline to land at MAHB's Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.

Sell-off imminent for Malaysia Airlines, says Najib after Morgan Stanley entry

The ex-prime minister says an investment bank is usually hired to sell assets while a union question's Khazanah’s decision, saying Morgan Stanley won't know the 'ins and outs' of the airline.

Khazanah hires Morgan Stanley for Malaysia Airlines strategy

The investment bank will be responsible for looking at options for the airline, including a potential stake sale.

5 years on, families of MH17 victims find solace in KL...

Relatives believe that justice will eventually be served for their loved ones

At MH17 remembrance, families call for justice

Mourners at Dutch national monument mark the 5th anniversary surrounded by 298 trees, one for each victim.

Govt vows to continue seeking justice for MH17 victims

It says the government will continue to pursue those responsible for shooting down the aircraft five years ago.

Tiada pemberhentian pekerja, bukan ambil alih penuh, kata bekas CEO MAB,...

Rabu lepas, Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, kerajaan bersedia melepaskan pegangan 'majoriti' dalam MAB berasaskan 2 syarat.

No full privatisation, job cuts for Malaysia Airlines, say ex-CEO and...

Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman and flight attendants' union say the airline's best option would be a joint venture, with the government retaining control.

Don’t consult Khazanah in airline revival project, Putrajaya told

It's incapable of coming up with a good plan, says a Malaysia Airlines veteran.

Nazri cadang tukar nama Malaysia Airlines kerana MH370, MH17

Nazri Aziz berkata sebarang keputusan kerajaan pada masa sekarang adalah yang terbaik untuk syarikat penerbangan negara itu.

One plane crashed, another missing – just change the name, Nazri...

The former BN sec-gen says Malaysia Airlines has become synonymous with negativity.