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Pantai Sri Tujuh: Tumpat’s hidden paradise

Despite the litter, this Kelantan beach is worth visiting for its golden sand.

Pantai Bisikan Bayu: Beach of the Whispering Breeze

This Kelantanese beach has been left unscathed by the ravages of erosion and is worth a visit for its beauty.

Gunung Reng: Mountain or symbol of divine punishment?

Legend has it that the mountain was dropped onto a village for its sinful actions.

Kelantan: Home to Malaysia’s biggest reclining Buddha

Located about 15 km west of Kota Bharu, the reclining Buddha is 40 metres long, seven metres longer than the one in Penang.

Wat Uttamaram: Fascinating Thai Buddhist temple in Pasir Mas

There are around 20 structures in the temple’s compound including stupas, pavilions, halls, chief monk’s residence, a crematorium and pagodas.

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls: Breathtaking views and pools to play in

This natural attraction just 60km from Johor Bahru is popular with locals as well as Singaporeans who come in hordes whenever they can.

Johor’s quaint Kukup Fishing Village

See a fishing village built on stilts over the sea and sample some delicious seafood.

Gunung Lambak: A deceptively tough climb to the top

Gunung Lambak in Kluang, Johor has twin peaks, the higher of which reaches 510 metres and has a TV broadcasting mast on the summit.

Kedah’s Merdeka Bridge: Scene of battles lost and won

This historic location is the scene of a clash between British and Japanese forces in 1942 during World War Two.

Remembering the Kota Kuala Muda Tsunami

The Kota Kuala Muda Tsunami Memorial and its next door Tsunami Gallery are poignant reminders of the devastating tsunami on December 26, 2004.

Gunung Keriang Recreational Park: All out of glitz

Sadly uncontrolled crystal mining has largely exhausted the easily accessible rocks and the hill has lost much of its glitz as a result.

Alor Setar: A heritage trail with a tale to tell

Self-guided Alor Setar Heritage Trail shows off some of the best sights Kedah's capital has to offer.

Fortune Dragon: A definite tourist attraction in Johor

The Fortune Dragon snakes its way around the garden and visitors enter through the dragon's mouth and exit near the tail. Inside there are 144 steps up and down.

Gunung Jerai: Here’s to a pleasant drive up Kedah Peak

It is also possible to catch a van up the 13 km road to the top where trekking paths and a beautiful hill resort awaits.

Muar: Walking tour best way to experience its highlights

Take some time to walk around and explore as Muar is a pleasant town with many things to see.

Gunung Ledang: Land of legend and beauty

The park surrounds the fabled Mount Ophir, now called Gunung Ledang and is 1,276 metres high.

Kota Belanda: A reminder of Dutch rule in Pangkor Island

The fort was built as a warehouse for tin ore at the time the Dutch had their eyes on exploiting Perak's tin trade. It was guarded by some 60 soldiers.

Gone are the turtles that once made Rantau Abang famous

This beach was once one of only six main nesting sites in the world for gentle Leatherback Turtles but sadly they have become extinct today.

Play with Huskies to your heart’s content at Huskiss

Here's a chance to play with about six boisterous and adorable Siberian Huskies, right in the heart of Petaling Jaya.

Bukit Engku Busu: A tough but satisfying hike in Lumut

331-metres high, the hill does not look very steep when viewed from the sea but is more tiring and challenging when attempted.

Wonderfood Museum: Plastic has never looked so tasty

The replicas are so beautifully made that if you weren't hungry when you entered the museum, you certainly will be by the time you leave.

The legendary P Ramlee lives on

Rumah P Ramlee is the quaint wooden house in Penang built by the singer-actor's father and uncle, and is filled with exhibits of his life and works.

Sultan Sulaiman Club’s heritage building has seen better times

Despite being built in 2007 as a replica of the old clubhouse, this building looks worn out and is in urgent need of some tender loving care.

Batu Bersurat: Tiger legend gets debunked

As it turns out the drawing on the rock is not that of a tiger but a lion, the same that appears on the Dutch coat-of-arms used when the graffiti was drawn.