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Penang artists’ cards: Beautiful and inexpensive

What a novel way to collect works of art by talented local artists.

The unique and memorable Glass Bottle Temple of Melaka

This glass bottle temple is inspired by the more famous one in Thailand called Wat Pa Haha Chedi Kaew.

Part 2: Shipwrecks near Malaysia

Sunk centuries ago in the waters near Malaysia, these ships carried cargo made up of glaze ware, porcelain, ceramics, storage jars and more.

Part 1: Shipwrecks near Malaysia

Sunk centuries ago in the waters near Malaysia, these ships carried cargo made up of glaze ware, porcelain, ceramics, storage jars and more.

Underrated forest trail at Taman Tugu is certainly worth a visit

The park is a 66-acre green-lung in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and is an urban forest park open to the public.

Lambir Hills: Pristine national park with great waterfalls

This national park in Sarawak is thought to be one of the world’s most diverse and species-rich with 1,200 species of trees and over 237 species of birds.

Centipede Temple continues to attract visitors

The 140-year-old temple has a interesting legend behind it that speaks of gratitude and filial piety.

All hail the spectacular Langkawi SkyCab

The cable car currently attracts around one million visitors a year so expect some queuing.

30-metre sitting Buddha in Wat Machimmaram in Kelantan

A shining example of Malaysia’s religious tolerance where a Buddhist monument of this prominence has been built in an overwhelmingly Muslim state.

Suffolk House: Georgian mansion steeped in history

This mansion once belonged to Francis Light, regarded as the founder of the British settlement on Penang.

Bukit Keluang: Lovely beaches, stunning scenery

This idyllic spot is located in Terengganu about 6 km south of the town of Kuala Besut which is where travellers catch boats to Perhentian Islands.

Top Miri attractions worth a visit

Besides handicraft centres and shops, there is also a park and beautiful beaches that will make your stay in Miri a memorable one.

Quirky trivia about Malaysia

From nature's wonders to famous desserts and personalities, these little snippets of trivia make for interesting table talk.

Penang murals: Street art in George Town, Penang

Some cartoon or caricature images are fashioned from wrought-iron rods while others incorporate real life objects into the painting for a 3D effect.

Tanjung Piai: A national park at the southern most tip of...

When standing on the edge of this platform in Johor, you are further south than every other person on the mainland of Asia.

KL Butterfly Park: A rainforest habitat for nature’s most colourful

A rainforest habitat with a maze of footpaths winding through lush vegetation, bridges over koi ponds, waterfalls, gazebos and turtle ponds.

Taman Negara: A fantastic rainforest getaway

This 130-million-year-old rainforest holds a diverse range of tree and animal species, and offers a myriad of activities for diehard hiking and trekking fans.

Datuk Manila Tomb: Burial place of Filipino Muslim scholar

It is believed this saintly man taught the virtues of Islam to the locals in Melaka and was greatly admired for his kind heartedness and good nature.

An informative and interesting visit to Teratak Zaaba Museum

This is a good opportunity to visit inside a traditional wooden Malay home and learn about the distinguished Malay scholar Za'aba.

Hiking up Penang Hill and descending by funicular train

If you take the 'safer' Jeep Track, be prepared for a very steep and tiring hike up, covering five kilometres and taking roughly two and half hours.

Islamic Arts Museum: Arguably the best in all Malaysia

What sets this museum apart from all others is the sheer quality of the exhibits from the Middle East, China, India and the Malay world.

Make your own souvenir at the i-Box Glass Museum Penang

After watching a demonstration of glass making and decorating techniques, you can try your hand at creating your own souvenir glass product to take away.

Gunung Stong State Park: Adventurers’ paradise

The State Park is classified as a high conservation value forest and is surrounded by other forest reserves.

Kedah Paddy Museum: Beautiful murals capture history of paddy

Museum explains rice cultivation process, displays varieties of rice, and showcases equipment and tools used in rice cultivation.