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Peaceful Buddha at Dhammikarama Burmese Temple in Penang

One of the earliest Buddhist temples in Penang, its top attraction is its main shrine of a giant Buddha statue with face and hands made of white marble.

Challenging but satisfying hike up Klang Gates Quartz Ridge

Also known as Bukit Tabur, this rare geological feature is said to be the largest pure quartz dyke in the world.

The space age comes alive at the National Planetarium

Besides a mock-up of the interior of the International Space Station, the space suit of Malaysia's first astronaut is also on display inside.

Penang Tropical Spice Garden: A food lover’s paradise

Also known as 'Asia's Hidden Eden', this garden houses a vast array of spices and other exotic plants, totalling over 500 species.

Malaysia’s fascinating customs revealed at Muzium Adat

Muzium Adat in Kuala Klawang is one of the better museums that offers insight into the customs and traditions of the various races in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s ornate and colourful Hindu temples

The designs reflect those found in southern India, with the oldest most likely the Sri Poyyatha Vinayagamoorthy Temple in Melaka.

Malaysia’s stunning clock towers: Part II

Many were built during colonial times and commemorated events like coronations while others were paid for by wealthy philanthropists.

Gotta see it: Top attractions in Singapore

From its world-class zoo to beautiful botanical gardens and Marina Bay Sands, there is also the Jurong Bird Park and a host of fascinating museums.

Top attractions in Putrajaya that’ll leave you mesmerised

From lakes, bridges and a marina to grand government offices and a spectacular mosque, the country's federal administrative capital is a scenic and memorable area.

Malaysia’s stunning clock towers: Part I

Many were built during colonial times and commemorated events like coronations while others were paid for by wealthy philanthropists.

Penang War Museum a grim reminder of World War II

Outdoor living war museum is among Top 10 Most Haunted Sites in Asia due to the numerous deaths that took place there during World War II.

13 reasons to retire in Malaysia

All things considered, Malaysia has a lot going for it. And Malaysians are warm and friendly, and respectful of older people, so you are sure to get a good welcome.

By the light of the silvery moon at Pantai Cahaya Bulan

If there during a weekday, you will likely have the beach all to yourself as the stretch only becomes a hive of activity during the weekends and on school holidays.

Battle-worn but beautiful Kuala Kedah Fort

The original fort, built in the 17th Century, was made from clay, timber and bamboo and used by the Portuguese as a trading depot.

Labuan: Small island with attractions enough to delight

Labuan is known as the Pearl of Borneo and many who live here appreciate its quiet, peaceful and stress-free lifestyle.

Bukit Kepong Orang Asli village among most beautiful in Malaysia

Home to the Temuan tribespeople, the gardens of their simple wooden homes are decorated with orchids, cacti, flowering bushes and coconut trees.

Top tourist attractions in the Philippines

With over 7,000 gorgeous sun-drenched tropical islands, there is much to see and do when you visit the Philippines.

Back to nature at Bukit Larut Hill Resort

At over 1,000 m above sea level, this is a wonderful cool respite from the rush of life down below.

Majestic Hotel: Set to become KL’s best?

The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur has retained its old charm and elegance while being every bit as modern as some of the best hotels in the city.

Pet-friendly hotels in Malaysia that make your holiday whole

There are more pet-friendly hotels here than you might imagine, provided your dogs are well behaved and don't bark a lot and disturb other hotel guests.

Visiting the rhinos, crocs and tapirs of Sungai Dusun

The Sungai Dusun Wildlife Conservation Centre houses some of Malaysia's severely endangered animals, although they did lose the battle with the rhinos.

Pulau Rawa: Malaysia’s answer to the Maldives

Pulau Rawa's white sandy beaches, lush marine life and breathtaking flora and fauna make it an idyllic getaway for couples young and old as well as families.

Malaysian mosques of remarkable architecture

Whether bearing Mogul, Arab or colonial era influences, many of the mosques in Malaysia are architectural delights steeped in history.

Top 10 hiking trails near KL

Rankings are based on overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the hikes, taking into account difficulty, scenic views, jungle experience and accessibility.