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Tag: Malaysian AIDS Council

Gender inequality seen as major reason for HIV spread

It's hard for women to negotiate for their health and protection, says Malaysian AIDS Foundation chief.

AIDS council slams Jakim’s ‘conversion therapy’ for LGBTs

Malaysian AIDS Council says Jakim’s 'revamped' programme to reach out to LGBT community has deviated from programme’s original aim

AIDS council slams proposed mandatory HIV tests for non-Muslims

It says one-off pre-marriage testing will give the impression that HIV screening is not necessary after marriage.

‘Curbing discrimination against HIV-positive workers a step in the right direction’

Asean's Kung Phoak says this is good progress from previous efforts to tackle discrimination at a social level by providing a support network for individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Only 50% of people with HIV seek treatment and here’s why,...

The Malaysian AIDS Council says some 50,000 Malaysians with HIV/AIDS are reluctant to seek treatment despite government initiatives to provide free medication.

Once they know, bosses sack or demote HIV patients

Thirty years after the AIDS epidemic, discrimination is still widely seen in Malaysia, says AIDS Council report.