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Tag: Malaysians

21 M’sians may face life imprisonment under Thai law

The haul from the suspected drug mules is one of the largest in recent times, with investigators claiming the drugs were destined for European markets.

Study: M’sians least trustful of news, journalists

Malaysians also biggest users of social media as primary source of news, says nine-country study published by Reuters Institute.

Malaysians spend 14 hours daily on digital devices

However, the digital consumers are not satisfied with the Internet speed quality and find the cost of accessing data unreasonable.

M’sian hand in kidnapping: Sabah Suluks regret Misuari’s remarks

Sabah Suluk Solidarity Council wants to know identity of those involved.

M’sians queried for sale of books on communism in Jakarta

Four taken to police headquarters but are not charged with having committed any crime.

Six Zika cases in S’pore involve Malaysians

Singapore Ministry of Health says all down with Zika suffered mild illness and most are recovering.

Ordinary Malaysians are united, and here’s the proof

People from all walks of life, race and religion, extend a hand to help a lonely 85-year-old woman living in squalid conditions.

Better salaries drawing Malaysians to work abroad

Malaysians don't mind working "difficult and dirty" jobs in countries like Singapore and in the Middle East, in return for higher pay, says report.

For many M’sians, Ramadan is a time to give

Many Malaysians are using online concierge services to donate food anonymously to charity homes.

90 M’sians arrested at illegal gambling centre in Thailand

134 Thais were also arrested in the operation.

Six Malaysians nabbed in A$200m Australian meth bust

Police called it the second largest bust in the state’s history, trailing only a 320 kilo haul in September. Police estimates put the street value of the latest seizure at roughly A$200 million (RM586.7 million).

Malaysians with dual citizenship

In this first portion of a four-part story, Bernama looks into dual citizenship allegedly possessed by Malaysians living in states sharing common borders with neighbouring countries.

M’sians get 6 months jail in the US for smuggling wildlife

Eoin Ling Churn Yeng and Galvin Yeo Siang Ann are also fined USD12,500 and must complete 240 hours of community service in the US before being returned to Malaysia.

Another Malaysian militant killed in Syrian conflict

Hailing from Kedah, Abu Kedah is the latest IS militant group member from Malaysia to be killed in Syria.

Millionaires seeking greener pastures overseas

Consultancy firm says better business and education opportunities overseas as well as “conservatism” in country are encouraging the rich to migrate.