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2 kem diserang pengganas, 25 tentera maut

Media tempatan melaporkan kejadian pada Isnin itu berlaku apabila kem tentera di Boulkessi dan Mondoro diserang kumpulan pengganas.

Tunisia, South Africa complete Cup of Nations last-16 line-up

Tunisia and South Africa fill the final two places in the Africa Cup of Nations last-16 draw after a tense finish to the group stage.

100 maut dalam keganasan perkauman di Mali

Suku kaum Dogon menjadi sasaran dalam pembunuhan etnik terbaru di Koundou, wilayah tengah Mali.

Nearly 100 killed, 19 missing in central Mali village massacre

The attacks comes less than three weeks after nearly 160 members of the Fulani ethnic group were slaughtered by a group identified as Dogon.

UN peacekeeper killed in Mali mine explosion

Saturday's attack came as President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita pursued consultations to pick a new prime minister.

PM Mali letak jawatan selepas undi tidak percaya

Presiden negara itu menerima peletakan jawatan perdana menteri dan anggota kerajaan.

Malian PM resigns over surge of violence

Mali has gone through a spate of violent incident recently.

Situasi keselamatan di Mali semakin merosot, kata PBB

PBB memberi amaran bahawa kumpulan pengganas dan militia semakin berpengaruh, selain menjadi lebih dinamik serta mobil di rantau itu.

6 die in Mali attacks as UN urges end to ‘spiral...

The UN rights office in Geneva said earlier Tuesday it had sent a team of investigators to the region

More than 130 killed in Mali massacre as UN visits

The attack was launched at dawn on Saturday in the village near the border with Burkina Faso.

Ethnic attack in Central Mali claims 115 as violence escalates

The attacks come a week after militants linked to al-Qaeda killed 23 Malian soldiers in an assault on an army base.

Mali attack toll rises to 23

Terrorist groups commanded by Ba Ag Moussa were blamed for the attacks at an army camp in central Mali killing 23 soldiers and military personnel.

3 anggota pengaman PBB maut dibunuh perompak Mali

Mereka dibunuh perompak ketika dalam perjalanan untuk bercuti di sepanjang jalan dari ibu kota Bamako ke negara jiran Guinea.

French forces kill top Al-Qaeda commander in Sahel

El Hamame was killed Thursday when French land and air forces ambushed a column of vehicles he was travelling with north of Timbuktu.

Mali Muslim leaders call for PM’s resignation at mass rally

Over the past decade, Mahmoud Dicko has emerged as one of Mali's most prominent public figures, playing a key role in negotiations between the government and Islamist extremists. 

Al-Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for Mali attack

The Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen group says the attack is a response to the Chadian president's revival of diplomatic relations with Israel.

UN source: Attack on UN base in Mali kills 8 peacekeepers

A Malian security source says at least 19 have been injured.

Gunmen kill 30 Tuaregs in ongoing Mali violence

The attack follows the killing of more than 40 Tuareg civilians in the same area in mid-December and the death of 15 Fulani civilians in Mali's central Mopti region in the same month.

Canadian UN peacekeepers return to Africa after 24 years

Though Canada helped mastermind the idea of large-scale UN peacekeeping missions, it hasn't deployed the "Blue Helmet" troops - as the peacekeepers are known - for more than a decade.

Canada launches peacekeeping mission in Mali

Canada's contingent of 250 soldiers and 6 helicopters is expected to conduct medical evacuations as they take over from German troops in the northern region.

Mali: jihadist hotbed in Sahel

The country was 13 from last on the 2016 UN Human Development Index that compares life expectancy, education and standard of living in 188 countries.

Spain rescues nearly 500 migrants at sea in a single day

The Spanish Maritime Safety Agency said it had picked up a total of 484 people in 30 makeshift vessels in the Strait of Gibraltar and Alboran Sea, which separate Spain from Morocco.

Malian forces kill 11 “jihadists” following an ambush

Armed Tuareg groups supporting the government also reported assailants executed more than 20 people on Friday in a village to the northeast.

French hostage’s son searches for mother in West African desert

Sébastien Pétronin is searching for his captured mother Sophie, who was abducted in Mali.