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Tag: Marawi City

Analyst: Malaysia best-protected in Asean against IS

This is due to its smaller geographical area, population size as well as very capable counter-intelligence forces.

Terrorism expert: M’sians among members of new pact in Philippines

Radical volunteers from Malaysia, Indonesia and other Muslim countries are helping the new pact comprising pro-IS groups and communists, says Filipino expert.

Philippines checking report of militants grouping in central Maguidanao

The group of 120 militants is believed to include Malaysians and Indonesians.

‘Amin Baco could be in Basilan, may recruit more Malaysians’

Former hostage says if Amin's teenage son is still alive and hiding in Basilan, chances are that the militant is there as well.

Malaysian likely leader for regional IS

Revelation by Malaysian police that the Sabahan Amin Baco is Isnilon’s son-in-law makes him the stronger candidate as new IS emir for the region.

Expert warns of ‘barricade-style’ terror attacks in region

Such hostage-taking raids on buildings will become the aim of Islamic State militants in Southeast Asia, says National War College professor Zachary Abuza.

Asean nations must brace themselves for small-scale IS attacks

Pawel Wojcik, an analyst on terrorism issues says the use of such warfare is not a recent development as it has been favoured by the Islamic State for a long time.

Philippine army says Malaysian Amin Baco is dead

Armed forces spokesman says it strongly believes that militants in Marawi are leaderless, contradicting statement by police chief that Amin Baco is new leader.

No such thing as ‘leaderless’ militant group, says ex-MILF member

A leader is appointed even among two militants out fetching drinking water, says a veteran of former insurgent organisation Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Unknown Malaysians may be among 39 straggling militants in Marawi

These Malaysians are believed to remain holed up in the city along with some Indonesians and local militants.

Philippine military kills escaping Islamist militant in Marawi

The military engaged in a gunfight with one of the suspected remaining gunmen in the main battle area, after foiling his bid to escape.

Losses, looting as Philippine war’s fortunate few return home

There were scenes of joy and chaos as a convoy of returning residents poured in to Marawi to a cacophony of horns and whistles, jamming what only a few hours earlier were deserted streets.

IGP confirms Sabahan militant took teenage son to Marawi

Police go to militant’s house only to find teenage boy missing.

In abandoned Philippine city, first hints of a return to normalcy

A few groceries, motorcycle repair shops and gasoline sellers have opened, ready for the first batch of returning residents in the coming days.

Families returning to ruined Philippine city taught to identify bombs

The teachers taught children and their parents how to recognize live mortar shells, grenades, aircraft rockets and “improvised explosive devices” in their villages.

Life begins returning to war-torn Philippine city

Only a few dozen civilians could be seen on Tuesday morning on the outskirts of the the mostly destroyed eastern half of Marawi, where regular bursts of gunfire and occasional explosions could still be heard.

Philippines declares battle with Islamist rebels over in Marawi City

Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said in killing off the extremists, the Philippines had “nipped the budding infrastructure and defeated terrorism”.

More details emerge on Malaysian militant, son in Marawi

Both father and son could speak Tagalog, says former hostage.

Teenage son fighting alongside Malaysian militant ‘commander’ in Marawi

The boy is aged about 13, carries a gun and always keeps close to his father, says a former hostage.

Philippine forces hunt for Malaysian militant in Marawi

Mohd Amin Baco, a Sabahan, is believed to be a ‘prominent terrorist leader’ among the Islamic State-linked insurgents who remain in the southern Philippine city.

10 militants surrender in Marawi, whereabouts of Mahmud still unknown

Philippine authorities checking bodies of slain militants in attempt to identify the elusive Malaysian terrorist.

Military: Malaysian terrorist Mahmud Ahmad may have been killed

Authorities say they are verifying the identity of 13 terrorists who were killed in overnight operations in Marawi.

Commandos who killed Isnilon and Omar tell their story

The Philippine commandos say they only found out later that they had downed the country’s most wanted militant leaders during the shootout in Marawi.

IGP: Malaysia’s most wanted terrorist still alive

Police believe Mahmud Ahmad and other Malaysian militants are still alive in Marawi city, following report of two Philippine militant leaders being killed.