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Tag: Marawi Siege

Sabah police rubbish report on child warriors

State police chief Ramli Din says they have not received any report that stateless children born in Sabah had returned to the Philippines and fought in Marawi.

‘Malaysian militant Amin Baco holed up in Sulu mountains’

He is also said to be renewing efforts to create an IS alliance of militant groups in Mindanao.

Rela members to take short course before Esszone duty

Esscom and other agencies such as the Special Branch will expose them to what they can and should do to assist the security authorities.

Esscom’s psy-ops paying off against piracy, militancy

Esscom commander DCP Hazani Ghazali urges public to 'stick their noses in other people’s business' in safety and security matters.

Terrorism expert: M’sians among members of new pact in Philippines

Radical volunteers from Malaysia, Indonesia and other Muslim countries are helping the new pact comprising pro-IS groups and communists, says Filipino expert.

‘Indonesian terrorist held in Marawi radicalised in Malaysia’

A source says Muhammad Ilham Syahputra may have been recruited in Malaysia when he worked for an air cargo company.

‘Amin Baco could be in Basilan, may recruit more Malaysians’

Former hostage says if Amin's teenage son is still alive and hiding in Basilan, chances are that the militant is there as well.

Sabah security forces to launch sea, road checkpoints against militants

The security system aims to stop the smuggling of firearms and other transborder criminal elements into the state.

Asean nations must brace themselves for small-scale IS attacks

Pawel Wojcik, an analyst on terrorism issues says the use of such warfare is not a recent development as it has been favoured by the Islamic State for a long time.

Is Sabahan Amin Baco new IS regional emir?

The militant is reported by Philippine police to be still alive but the military thinks he is dead.

Sabahan Amin Baco said to be new IS emir for Southeast...

His whereabouts are unknown but he could be among dozens of militants, a captured Indonesian militant said are still hiding in Marawi.

Unknown Malaysians may be among 39 straggling militants in Marawi

These Malaysians are believed to remain holed up in the city along with some Indonesians and local militants.

Commandos who killed Isnilon and Omar tell their story

The Philippine commandos say they only found out later that they had downed the country’s most wanted militant leaders during the shootout in Marawi.