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Tag: Mariam Mokhtar

Shariah courts need urgent reforms to protect women

Maria Chin Abdullah has raised awareness of the workings of the shariah courts which, divorced Muslim women will tell you, need to be improved.

MPs, stop bickering – you have a country to rebuild

We look on in frustration and hopelessness as we see the politicians whom we elected into office doing their best to break up the fragile harmony that we have woven.

Integrasi dengan integriti bukan dongeng, kata pengkritik

Mariam Mokhtar menyurun 10 peraturan asas yang perlu diikuti untuk memulihkan integrasi nasional dan perpaduan.

Get rid of ‘bangsa’, ‘agama’ in MyKad to achieve unity, says...

Mariam Mokhtar says this is among the steps that must be taken in the quest for national integration.

Maid abuse? Many Malaysians simply do not care

Employers act as if they own the maids and the ‘don't care’ attitude is present in the individual right up to the crony who runs the agency and the heads of enforcement in the various government departments.

Only in Malaysia do absurdities like a CNY ‘barking’ rooster thrive

Our managers are poorly trained, probably give poor instructions, fail to accept responsibility, and reject any sense of accountability.

Pastor Koh inquiry suspended – now what?

What happened to the investigation in which police found Raymond Koh's vehicle licence plate during a raid in Kedah?

Local govt should apologise for failing in its public duty

Why did it take a video to expose the local authority's shoddy maintenance of a bridge that has put the lives of those in the area at risk?

Mahathir has apologised, let’s rebuild Malaysia now

While the former PM's apology is not enough for some, choosing to deliberately spoil their votes in GE14 is akin to cutting off their noses, to spite their faces.

Another hotel panders to politicians

One has to wonder if hotels in the country are looking after their business interests, or allowing themselves to be politically manipulated.

Where is the political will to resolve the Mat Rempit menace?

If even our emergency vehicles are not safe, what does that say about the safety of our roads?

Of politicians, celebrities and RM1,200 hairdos

Why the selective criticism of celebrities who voice concern over the cost of living, and political figures who do not carry the same burden?

The power of Sheila’s voice

The truth hurts, but it is the response of Sheila Majid's critics which make them look ridiculous.

Zunar and the piggy banks

Instead of charging the cartoonist with breaking more laws, the authorities should focus on the issues he has highlighted.

AirAsia-Bung Mokhtar spat exposes East Malaysian issues

The spat reveals the many challenges faced by East Malaysians, who have little choice but to accept the meagre pickings offered to them.

The other side of the tudung ban

While the hotel hijab ban has angered many, some government departments think nothing of making their Muslim women employees wear the tudung.

The language police are going to kill the use of Malay

Do we really need the language police to make us refuse to speak Malay because we do not want to incur fines for incorrect usage?

Why is Zahid defending Zamihan?

How can Zamihan Mat Zin, who has extremist views and has uttered allegedly seditious statements, be effective in the de-radicalisation of IS militants?

The shocking ‘kepala bapak kau’ remark

Najib Razak shouldn't resort to crudity to detract from the locals' main concerns that Malaysia has compromised on its sovereignty in regard to China.

Sex for jobs is the tip of the iceberg in Malaysia

In our culture, sexual abuse and sexual harassment is too embarrassing to disclose, more so since many tend to close ranks and protect the abuser instead of the abused.

Unpaid employees have rights too

Do unpaid employees make a stand and refuse to be bullied or tolerate the injustice for a good-looking CV?

Should we work till we drop?

How will the prime minister deal with the country's ageing population whose EPF savings are insufficient for a decent retirement?

We need to talk about radicalisation in prisons

The threat of radicalisation in jail among inmates and wardens is a growing phenomenon, and Malaysia has not been spared.

Why aren’t Malays vocal about their opposition to govt?

While some say they fear the repercussions, others say they simply are not as interested in politics as they are in other news.