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Mentally disabled win right to freely marry and vote in France

The measure would apply to some 310,000 people with disabilities who have been made wards of court and who, until now, could be banned by a judge from voting -- many of them people with mental disabilities.

Penang must raise marriage age to 18, says rep

But opposition leader says in Islam, it is okay to marry as long as one reaches puberty.

‘I almost died’: Abused Filipino women hope divorce will become legal

In the Philippines, marriage can only be annulled on limited grounds, such as insanity or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Abuse and infidelity are not valid reasons.

Letting foreign workers get pregnant: Bosses say no, union says yes

MEF says it can lead to social issues and legal complications, but a women’s NGO and a worker's group say it is discrimination to disallow foreign female workers from having children.

Mufti: Marriage with foreigners allowed to prevent illicit sex

Pahang mufti says this is allowed as state religious department wants to resolve the problem of illicit sex according to shariah law.

‘Special Court will deal with child offenders speedily’

Deputy minister says in cases of statutory rape, many parents withdrew their police reports later because their child and the rapist liked each other and they were married off.

What would you do if your daughter was raped?

Would you advise your daughter to keep mum about the rape or would you report the incident to the police in the hope that the rapist is put behind bars?

MP: Future likely bleak if victims don’t marry their rapists

Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahaya says not all rapists are bad as some may have repented and regretted their earlier actions.

Fed up with dating scene, man says ‘I do’ to robot...

Chinese engineer creates his own robot wife and says 'she' can identify Chinese characters and speak a few words.

Malaysia urged to stop rapists escaping by marrying victims

Human Rights Watch says certain Malaysian laws violate the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which Malaysia has ratified.

Rapist offers to marry victim

Family helpless to do anything as woman is above the age of consent and wants to run away from home to marry him.

99 couples choose to marry on 9.9

For the Chinese Sept 9 symbolises longevity.

Over 1,000 underage marriage applications in 2015

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rohani Karim says a 16-year-old non-Muslim girl can marry with the approval of the Chief Minister.