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Ministry in no hurry to abolish streaming, says Maszlee

The education minister says all aspects, including engagement and employment, will be reviewed before an announcement is made.

Why we should support ending streaming in schools

Do we really need to understand subjects in the science stream like Biology and Chemistry if we do not want to go into medicine?

Kesatuan protes VC UM: Kita bukan di era BN, kata Maszlee

Kesatuan mahasiswa menggesa Naib Canselor Universiti Malaya Abdul Rahim Hashim meletakkan jawatan berhubung ucapannya pada Kongres Maruah Melayu, Ahad lepas.

Inspired by Tamil film, Maszlee looks for our own Geetha Rani

Education minister urges Malaysians to share stories of unsung heroes in education, such as principals and teachers that they know.

Maszlee sheds tears talking about special education

He says one of his dreams is to see that all children with special needs will never feel they are unwanted in this world.

UK’s Primary Engineer programme may find a place in schools here

The introductory engineering scheme has been introduced in 7,000 schools in the UK.

Making TVET main choice proving a challenge, says Maszlee

The education minister says TVET should be students’ first choice of career and education.

Ada pihak cuba sabotaj penggabungan UMT-UniSZA, kata Maszlee

Maszlee Malik berkata ada pihak cuba menggunakan isu itu untuk meraih kelebihan politik bagi pembangkang.

Focus on Maths and Science in primary schools, urges Maszlee

The education minister says this is necessary following the decline in the number of students opting for Science stream.

Education office to prepare detailed report on schoolboy’s bus death

Pupil on way to English Language workshop dies after a bus floorboard gives way.

Cast aside emotions in caning issue, urges Maszlee

Education minister says this case will be handled fairly according to the existing regulations and the findings will be made public.

Teo didn’t interfere in Islamic education syllabus, says Maszlee

He says his deputy only shared the efforts conducted by the National Education Advisory Council, which was conducting a survey on the proposal to improve the Islamic Education subject.

‘Perayaan lebaran ketupat’, mesej raya Maszlee

Anyaman kelongsong ketupat mempunyai pengertian indah dan menggambarkan bagaimana kita memiliki ketinggian budi dan ilmu yang sudah lama.

Maszlee rejects having schools teach about religions

Sharing each other’s culture more appropriate than learning about all religions, says education minister.

Sarawak minister thanks Maszlee, hits out at DAP rep over dilapidated...

Michael Manyin takes DAP's Chong Chieng Jen to task for suggesting that the RM1 billion for repairing dilapidated schools be placed in Putrajaya's consolidated fund.

5 out of 10 a fair score for ministers by PM,...

He says it is a fair assessment from a person who has a lot of experience in the government.

Education ministry mulls blacklisting contractors who mistreat workers

Minister Maszlee Malik says his ministry will review policies and procedures to penalise the guilty parties.

All varsities should condemn thuggish behaviour, says Maszlee

Education minister says it is not right for university authorities to project an unclear stand and take the safe route when students are attacked by 'irresponsible parties'.

111 schools in Pasir Gudang will remain closed, says Maszlee

The education minister says no date has been set to reopen the schools.

Disabled, athletes, Orang Asli, B40 on ‘special’ admission track to...

These students will not need to compete with others and will only need to fulfil certain requirements of their university of choice.

Change in education will come, but wait

The right people and plans have been put in place; now members of the public must be patient and understand that change is a process, not a single event.

What about us, private colleges group asks Maszlee

They say despite major policies for the public education sector, the education minister seems to have no plans for the private sector.

I am no longer IIUM president, says Maszlee

The education minister says he has signed his resignation letter and is waiting for an announcement by the university.

Discussion over appointment of IIUM’s new president ongoing

This is despite wide speculation that Mohd Daud Bakar will be appointed.