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Using maternity leave for holiday? It’s just a myth, says Yeoh

The deputy women, family and community development minister says maternity leave is to ensure both baby and mother spend bonding time together.

Companies refusing to grant 90 days maternity leave to face action

The human resources minister says private sector employers must comply with the new benefit announced in the 2020 Budget.

Don’t rush women back to workforce, says group

The Women's Institute of Management welcomes the [email protected] initiative but says there must be a process to prepare them for rehiring.

Track star Felix criticises Nike maternity policy

Allyson Felix says the new sponsorship deal Nike offered her after she decided to have a child last year was 70% less.

New mothers suffer nerves, guilt as maternity leave ends

Mothers from the US to Uruguay to South Africa to Singapore tell of their concerns about stopping work to give birth and look after their newborns.

Duterte doubles paid leave for new mothers in Philippines

The World Bank estimates more than half of Philippine women aren’t in the labour force, the highest ratio among major Southeast Asian economies.

5 things you can do right now to be financially fit...

From reviewing your finances, to budgeting and paying off your debts, planning for baby can be a happy and stress-free experience for you.

‘Nice to be back’: NZ Prime Minister Ardern returns to capital...

The 38-year-old premier's pregnancy was seen by many as a symbol of progress for women in leadership roles as she became only the second elected leader to give birth in office.

New Zealand PM reveals maternity leave arrangements

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters will manage the day-to-day running of government while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is on maternity leave.

MP: When will govt deliver on 90 days maternity leave promise?

Teo Nie Ching says the government announced under Budget 2018 that women workers in the private sector will enjoy 90 days of maternity leave but it has just been empty talk so far.

90-day maternity leave remains empty rant without changes to law

DAP’s Kasthuri Patto says Putrajaya should have amended the Employment Act to ensure workers benefit from the new provision.

Govt: Employers must allow staff 90 days maternity leave

Any termination of staff during their maternity leave will be investigated, says human resources deputy minister.

90-day maternity leave won’t raise birth rate, say experts

Academic and economist say Budget 2018 proposal for increased maternity leave for private and government sector unlikely to help as costs, career come first.

Malaysia giving working mums a better maternity deal than US

PM Najib Razak’s 'mother of all budgets' can also be easily described as a budget for all mothers.

MTUC tells private firms not to resist 90 days maternity leave

Malaysian Trades Union Congress secretary-general says there is no reason for bosses to refuse to abide by the proposal announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak in Budget 2018.

Rohani: 90 days maternity leave will increase productivity

Minister says employers in private sector should support proposal as it will benefit the performance of their companies.

Budget 2018: MTUC lauds Putrajaya for ‘bold’ moves for women

Malaysian Trades Union Congress secretary-general says the move in Budget 2018 for 30% women participation as directors of GLCs is consonant with the International Labour Organisation recommendations.

Parents need more time to settle in with newborns

Call for more maternity leave and month-long paternity leave is not baseless as parents believe it can be more productive for companies in the long term.

More maternity, paternity leave will burden bosses, says MEF

Malaysian Employers Federation chief Shamsuddin Bardan says maternity leave for civil servants capped at 300 days for up to 5 children, which tranlates to 60 days per child.

StanChart rolls out 20-week, fully-paid maternity leave

Bank says the improved benefits are part of its focus in supporting the changing requirements of the workforce.

Maybank offers extended maternity leave of 1 year

Eligible employees are also allowed to take a career break for a minimum of three months to a maximum of 24 months.

Indonesia sharia stronghold wins rare praise for rights

The Aceh governor decided to introduce the policy last month to ensure women have the chance to breastfeed to combat widespread stunting caused by malnutrition, said local government spokesman Frans Dellian.

Suhakam lauds Digi for 6-month paid maternity leave

The new extended paid maternity leave policy will provide working mothers with adequate maternity benefits, leading to increased job satisfaction and greater loyalty to employers.