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Prove matriculation only benefitted BN cronies, Khaled tells DAP Youth

The Umno vice-president responds to DAP Youth's claims that the low-income group did not benefit from the previous government's policies.

Taking a leaf from the Avengers in our education system

It took the Avengers eight years to kill Thanos, but it's been 20 since the matriculation quota system was introduced.

Race quota in matriculation programme affects everyone

Opportunities should be afforded to all, and only those with merit should be rewarded.

Question marks over matriculation vs STPM

Why are we telling our students they could have an easier route to a degree but expecting them to perform and excel in their jobs?

Think tank man calls for end to matriculation polemics

Former Penang exco Toh Kin Woon says the government should concentrate on reforming the education system.

Language requirements just good business for the private sector

Politicians and dons should stop harping on private companies that look for selected employees who can speak Mandarin or any other foreign language.

More matriculation seats won’t affect uni intake of STPM holders, says...

It says all qualified candidates with the highest merit points will be given an opportunity to pursue their studies at public universities.

What about racial imbalance in civil service, DAP man asks Maszlee

P Ramasamy asks if Maszlee Malik is seeking to score 'political points in a predominantly Malay crowd'.

Don’t confuse matriculation quota and Mandarin requirements

Mandarin requirements for certain jobs are not a discriminatory measure but a requirement of the job which involves a skill set that anyone can work on.

Keeping 90% quota for Bumiputeras is to allay Malay fears, says...

The PKR president says the government does not want the community to feel that seats meant for the Malays are being taken away.

Make it level playing field for matriculation, STPM, says bosses’ group

MEF's Shamsuddin Bardan says it is not right for one pathway to university to be easier or shorter than another.

Affirmative action to provide opportunities, not sacrifice standards

The right approach to the debate on the matriculation programme is to make the course as vigorous and as challenging as other A-level programmes.

Matriculation an easier path to public universities than STPM, says don

Teo Kok Seong says the programme was created to boost the intake of Bumiputeras into public universities but that it has created a culture of dependence.

Bumi students to lose the most from quota system, says MP

Maria Chin Abdullah says Bumiputera students who go through the matriculation process will likely be outperformed in university by those who have experienced higher standards of grading.