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Maszlee gives assurance to STPM holders over matriculation seats

The education minister says there are 40,000 seats available, including 5,000 to do science.

Let’s frankly discuss matriculation issue, says academic

Denison Jayasooria calls for a review of the justification for a Bumiputera quota.

DAP is all for marks but ignores education imbalance, says ex-minister

Former higher education minister says total equality would sideline the less fortunate.

Offer constructive criticism, Syed Saddiq tells matriculation critics

He says matriculation quota was decided by the Cabinet and should only be discussed within the Cabinet.

Matriculation programme vital for racial harmony, says UiTM vice-chancellor

Prof Mohd Azraai Kassim says Bumiputeras are still lagging behind in the science, technology and professional fields.

Time to take over education, PBS tells Sabah govt

PBS deputy president Yee Moh Chai says the federal education policy is not in line with Sabah’s multiracial and multireligious society.

UUM supports quotas for matriculation programme

Universiti Utara Malaysia's vice-chancellor also says the increase in the number of places is in line with the programme's original objective.

Don’t blame matriculation quota when job market still unfair to Bumis,...

The education minister has again defended the 90% quota reserved for Bumiputera students in the matriculation programme.

Matriculation is ‘back door’ for Malays to pursue degree, says Dr...

The prime minister says the government's recent decision to increase intake into matriculation centres would mean more non-Malays too using the easy way to get into universities.

Extra matriculation places, quotas are to give ‘better chances’ for all,...

The education minister says non-Bumiputera students are getting more places for the first time but not at the expense of Bumiputeras.

No move yet to open up UiTM, says chairman

Syed Zainal Abidin says the university will make changes to its curriculum to enhance students' competitiveness in the job market.

Provide matriculation for Malays, but don’t compromise on standards

The intake into matriculation colleges can be increased, but students must pass an exam that is on par with STPM.

Is PH being bullied by extreme forces?

What really bugs PH supporters is that a small segment of the opposition seems to have so much impact in derailing important decisions of the PH.

Latest decision on matriculation may lower standards, warns BN

MCA and MIC leaders say the government should not take populist stance as raising the intake into matriculation to 40,000 students will stretch teaching resources.

The PH GE14 manifesto and BN Education Blueprint

The education minister should reform the policy of student intake at colleges and universities, including the matriculation programme, to ensure a balance between fair representation of ethnic groups and special assistance for the B40.

Quota remains but matriculation places go up from 25,000 to 40,000

Education Minister says 90% of the places will still be for Bumiputeras and 10% for non-Bumiputeras.

Cabinet to discuss matriculation programme issue on Wednesday

This follows various views expressed over the need to provide more places to non-Bumiputera students.

‘One-off’ matriculation declaration a blow to Indian community

The education ministry's statement negates MIC's accomplishment of securing 2,200 places for Indian students last year.

3,200 places for Indian, Chinese students for matriculation a ‘one-off’ last...

SPM students who have not received offer letters to do matriculation can appeal to the education ministry.

The predicament of limited seats to study medicine

Instead of justifying the limited seats to study medicine at public institutions, the education ministry must find a solution for all deserving candidates.

Kula tells PM to correct ‘lopsided’ varsity admission process

The DAP legislator says suspicion surrounds the intake of students into public universities despite Najib Razak’s claims about improving Indian enrolment.

Firms neglecting guard duty at schools face blacklisting

Deputy education minister’s warning comes after security guards go on strike due to salaries not being paid at two schools.