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Tag: May 13

Give some space to loan defaulters, PKR president tells PTPTN

Anwar Ibrahim says PTPTN should not put undue pressure on loan defaulters who are still unemployed.

PH has ‘lost the plot’ on unity, says academic

Mahathir has urged politicians to stop using race and religion and other parties like DAP should also champion the cause of all communities, says Denison Jayasooria

No formal request to declassify May 13 reports, says Muhyiddin

The home minister says Malaysians must learn from the past and make sure the country does not face the same problem in the future.

Racial conflict leaves no winners, says professor

Why the May 13 riots 50 years ago shows the truth of the Malay proverb 'kalah jadi abu, menang jadi arang' (the loser turns to ashes, the winner to charcoal).

Time to declassify the secrets of May 13

A truth commission should be established to get the full story, and a memorial erected in memory of those who perished in the racial riots of 1969.

Cops to grill duo behind ‘May 13’ threat

Raggie Jessy and Azwanddin Hamzah of Gagasan 3 have been told to surrender to Ampang police for questioning.

Unreasonable to hold Dec 8 ICERD rally, says Patriot

The body, representing former policemen and soldiers, says if the rally organisers insist on holding the rally, the defence forces chief should issue a statement that soldiers will join police to quell any resulting riots.

Set up truth and reconciliation commission on May 13 riots, says...

Dr Boo Cheng Hau of Skudai says such a commission will enable Malaysians to come to terms with what transpired and move forward.

Hanif: My claim DAP suggested dividing peninsula based on SB report

The former IGP says the information was passed to him during his stint with the National Operations Council in 1969.

Philanthropist-businessman tells why May 13 won’t happen again

Koon Yew Yin says the situation today is totally different from that in 1969, with too many Malay political and non-political players opposing BN for this to happen.

Don’t pass the buck, ex-ISA detainee tells Anwar

Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong says Anwar Ibrahim is distorting history, and is equally responsible as the education minister then for angering Chinese educationists.

Kit Siang: First Tanda Putera, now Malay Regiment

The DAP leader, unhappy that another film is being used to vilify him and the party, urges Malaysians to look beyond race.

Academic says multi-ethnic coalition in Malaysia died in 1969

Arguing how the country has never been the same since racial riots, Prof James Chin claims BN has since merely been a means to project an image for Umno.

Academic: Fourth PM to blame for Constitution in ‘coma’

Law professor Azmi Sharom says a 'doctor' who became the country's fourth prime minister, made the rule of law and protection given to the people go 'haywire'.

Malay-Chinese duo to reclaim May 13 with unity message

PPBM's Syed Saddiq and his best friend, Chong Hock Soon, aim to make May 13 a day when the public unites under a common Malaysian identity.

Diversity, the real face of Malaysia

The Barisan Nasional spirit was established upon the reality of the country's plural society, and we need leaders who will continue to recognise that.

Clamp down on hate speech against Rohingyas, says ex-envoy

Lamenting hate speech in Myanmar, former Malaysian ambassador to Myanmar Mazlan Muhammad suggests there are lessons for Malaysians in this too.

Former ambassador tells of persecution faced by Rohingyas

Former Malaysian ambassador to Myanmar fears repression of Rohingyas could lead to radicalisation of the minority Muslim community.

Twitter user lands in hot soup after ‘Umno nazis’ comment

Police to probe Twitter user who accuses Umno of "ethnic cleansing" during the May 13 and Kampung Medan riots.

Bersih gives go-ahead for supporters to report Jamal

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections urges police to investigate incendiary statement, allegedly posted on Red Shirts leader's Facebook account.

MCA calls for consultative body on religious issues

Its Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman Ti Lian Ker says it is time for the nation’s leadership to provide direction and chart the way forward.

Emotional blackmail of the Malays

How scare tactics are used in attempts to band the Malays against others.

Reveal truth of May 13, says Dr Kua

Malaysia must follow UK law on time limit for official secrets to allow for the real story behind racial riots of 1969 to be revealed eventually, says writer of May 13 book.