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We didn’t lie, we had inaccurate info on 16 Toyota Camry...

This follows finance ministry's explanation that it had never received any application from the Perak government to give tax exemption for the cars.

Perak MB has erroneous assumptions on Orang Asli customary land rights

The courts have repeatedly recognised the continuity of the Peninsular Malaysia Orang Asli’s right to lands and resources that they have held, based on their own customs, usages and laws.

Negeri MB threatens to quit as golf club president over sale...

Aminuddin Harun says he has raised the matter twice at the Seremban International Golf Club meetings.

Singapore calls off Iskandar meeting after Johor MB’s ‘intrusion’ into its...

Johor Menteri Besar Osman Sapian, however, refutes claims he entered Singapore's waters when he visited the area where Malaysian vessels are patrolling.

Johor govt to state stand on Pulau Kukup status on Sunday

This follows emergency motion in state assembly for state government to review status of Pulau Kukup National Park.

New guidelines soon as Selangor MB distances himself from road signs...

Amirudin Shari says the current government did not decide on dual languages for road signs and there’s no use blaming anyone.

Rafizi as Negeri Sembilan MB a ‘cheeky’ idea, says Aminudin

Negeri Sembilan MB and state PH chairman Aminuddin Harun says it is premature to speculate on the candidate for the Rantau seat as the court has not made its decision.

Johor MB hopes Mahathir will revive crooked bridge project

Osman Sapian says bridge will ease congestion at Causeway.

MB: Alleged Umno-PAS RM2.5 mil transaction just an assumption

Kelantan Menteri Besar Ahmad Yakob says allegation aimed at creating an unhealthy political environment.

Melaka CM apologises for state exco’s harsh words to residents

After seeing viral video circulating on social media, Chief Minister Adly Zahari says Norhizam Hassan Baktee needs to handle such situations better.

MB orders council to close mining pool after drowning tragedy

It also announces RM20,000 aid to each of the six firemen who died in search for drowning victim.

Perak MB: 999-year titles for new villages under discussion

For now, they will get 99-year leases to enable them to get bank loans.

Azmin: Tak relevan kaitkan krisis MB Selangor dan pemilihan PKR

Timbalan presiden PKR itu berkata, tugas memilih dan melantik menteri besar Selangor tidak boleh dilakukan secara bersendirian.

MB: Johor sedia rampas tanah kurnia Umno tidak bayar cukai

Terdapat 12 tunggakan cukai tanah Umno dengan yang tertinggi membabitkan Bahagian Batu Pahat berjumlah RM287,048 dan Tebrau RM31,772.

MB: RM6 bil BN-approved projects in Perak to be reviewed

Ahmad Faizal Azumu says construction of projects in the state has exceeded 20% and are likely to be allowed to go on.

Perak MB reprimands Aziz Bari over new village land title issue

Ahmad Faizal Azumu says while he welcomes views of fellow exco, such issues should have been discussed behind closed doors.

Had tempoh jawatan MB tak perlu pinda undang-undang, kata MB Johor

Osman berkata had masa itu juga dibuat bagi memastikan ketelusan dalam pentadbiran, selain diputuskan secara konsensus oleh kepimpinan tertinggi PH.

Former Kedah rep remanded over misappropriation of funds

The suspect was arrested after giving his statement to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Perlis crisis figure Ismail Kassim to join Kedah PKR

Shahidan's brother, who was at the centre of Perlis MB crisis, says he is impressed by how PKR is run.

Siti Aishah to be appointed as Perak MB’s special adviser soon

Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu says appointment has rank of state executive councillor.

Don’t use LGBT issues to distract from child marriages, says group

Joint Action Group on Gender Equality (JAG) worries Kelantan government is not serious about tackling child marriages.

Selangor rombak 4 portfolio exco termasuk MB

Rombakan kecil itu diputuskan oleh Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri yang dipengerusikan buat pertama kali oleh Amirudin, Rabu lepas.

After 20 years, Shahidan faces challenge for Arau chief post

His political adversary is Khalid Ahmad, the political secretary to the Perlis menteri besar.

Bekas MB Terengganu ke SPRM bantu siasatan 1MDB

Ahmad Said memberi keterangan secara sukarela untuk membantu siasatan SPRM berhubung 1MDB.