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We’re funding RM115 mil parking project, not Penang govt, says HeiTech

The company will manage all the 36,000 parking bays under the project for 7 years.

Penang’s smart parking hits a snag, leaves local councils furious

Woman who used app to pay for parking in George Town gets a summons notice from the council because of problems in implementation.

A response on the Sia Boey Rejuvenation project

The Sia Boey Rejuvenation project and the monsoon drain cleaning are in fact two entirely separate projects.

Penang council vows to crack down on dirty eateries

Nearly 40 rats culled in joint operation with the Health Department on Wednesday.

Kumpulan sivil pertikai kemampuan PBT kesan pembinaan tanpa kebenaran

Penang Forum berkata, MBPP mempunyai pasukan mengesan kes pembinaan haram, tetapi gagal mengesan pembinaan tembok penahan tanpa kelulusan di sebuah pusat peranginan di Batu Ferringhi yang terletak di lokasi tersorok.

No local plan means uncurbed development in Penang, says pressure group

Penang Forum says the failure to gazette an updated Penang Structure Plan means developers are free to build as much as they like.

MBPP defisit 70 kali ganda kerana projek jalan Bukit Kukus

Ketua menteri berkata kewangan MBPP masih dalam keadan baik walaupun dengan angka defisit yang tinggi.

Nothing surprising about 70-fold rise in MBPP deficit, says ex-councillor

Penang Forum's Lim Mah Hui claims the Penang Island City Council has been relying on non-tax-related revenue.

Deficit rises 70-fold for Penang Island City Council

A-G also finds that MBPP collected RM11.06 million less in assessments in 2017 compared to the year before.

Robbed of privacy, residents struggle with noise and smell from restaurant

Their back lane is just four metres away from a commercial building where a restaurant-bar has opened, much to their annoyance.

Former mayor claimed Bukit Kukus was safe, says Penang Forum

Group notes Maimunah Mohd Sharif's acknowledgement of several problems at the site and her instructions for remedial measures to be taken.

Questions on the Bukit Kukus landslide tragedy

The endless avoidance of responsibility and blame must end with someone, or else it will be business as usual after the dust settles.

Kontraktor, perunding gagal maklum aliran anak sungai, kata Datuk Bandar PP

Kejadian boleh dielak sekiranya kontraktor dan perunding projek memaklumkan mengenai kewujudan aliran air sungai ke kawasan cerun itu.

Penang mayor says roadworks to continue despite landslide

Yew Tung Seang also does not rule out a criminal negligence probe.

Jagdeep: LED street lights helping Penang save millions

The Penang exco says the installation of LED street lamps will help both local councils in the state save close to 60% of their street lighting costs.

Adelaide mayor amazed at Penang’s heritage conservation efforts

Martin Haese says his official visit to Adelaide’s sister city of Penang was to learn more about the city’s heritage and cultural tourism.

Jagdeep tells Penang councillors to buck up

The local government committee chairman wants them to be 'most efficient' in implementing the state's policies.

Penang jet ski operator suspended over 9-year-old’s death

City council inquiry decides to suspend beach sports operator pending police probe.

Tampal poster tanpa permit: BN didenda lagi, kali ini hampir RM26,000

Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai mengeluarkan 49 kompaun berjumlah RM12,000 dan kos pembersihan sebanyak RM13,995 kepada BN Pulau Pinang.

Penderma bantu BN bayar denda RM13,000 kepada PBT Pulau Pinang

Pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang berkata, parti itu juga bersedia membayar kompaun yang dikenakan Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai juga kerana menaikkan poster tanpa permit.

Donors help Penang BN pay RM13,000 fine to Penang council

State BN chief says he is prepared to pay fines from the Seberang Perai municipal council too for putting up posters illegally.

BN didenda RM13,000 tampal poster Guan Eng tanpa permit

Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang mengeluarkan 27 kompaun berjumlah RM6,750 dan mengenakan kos membersihkan poster itu sebanyak RM6,698.

Tourists lament loss of friendly dog due to MBPP action

Tourists at Batu Ferringhi mourn the death of female dog Butcho who allegedly died after being caught and tranquilised by Penang Island City Council officers.

Penang streets to be pedestrian-friendly

Exco Chow Kon Yeow says this is part of the transformation planned for Penang, to make it accessible for cycling, walking or for people to relax.