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Ini sebab kenapa McDonald’s Bukit Bintang bertukar nama kepada ‘Mekdi’

Nama ditukar sempena bulan kemerdekaan tahun ini yang dilihat dapat menyatu padukan rakyat Malaysia.

UTM teams with McDonald’s Malaysia for MBA programme

Credits from the company's training programme will be transferable to the university's MBA programme from next February.

Rome bars McDonald’s opening near the Baths of Caracalla

McDonald's and Rome are in a heated tug of war over the former's plan to open a franchise near the Baths of Caracalla.

Higher sales in US, other markets boost McDonald’s earnings

McDonald's chief executive Steve Easterbrook has emphasized improvements to core menu items, as well as investments in smartphone apps and food delivery as elements to boosting sales.

McDonald’s to buy Israeli tech firm

The world's biggest fast-food chain operator says it will roll out the technology in its Drive Thru menu at restaurants in the US in 2019 and then expand the use to other top international markets.

Group sees red over fast food price hike

The Malaysian Anti-Inflation Movement says prices have increased by more than 30% since 2014.

McDonald’s loses Big Mac trademark in EU

Irish fast food chain Supermac's wants the EU Intellectual Property Office to cancel McDonald's use of the trademarks in certain fields.

US McDonald’s is topping its iconic Big Mac with bacon

The bacon-themed menu begins its roll-out January 30 in the US.

Act cautiously in investigating price hikes at KFC, McDonald’s, govt urged

A chamber of commerce and others say the government should also consider the impact of any decision it makes on business sentiments and the free market economy.

McDonald’s unveils plan for cutting antibiotics in beef

A food policy expert says 43% of medically important antibiotics sold to the livestock industry go to the beef industry, compared to only 6% for chicken.

Not enough ketchup: US woman attacks McDonald’s manager

A California woman went into a rage after ordering food through the drive-through at the fast food outlet in the town of Santa Ana.

McDonald’s says classic burgers no longer have artificial ingredients

Only the pickle slices still contain an artificial preservative.

US McDonald’s staff protest over sexual harassment

In a statement, McDonald's says it has 'strong policies, procedures and training in place' to prevent sexual harassment.

Trump appointees urged to bow out of McDonald’s labour fight

The call to recuse themselves comes as McDonald’s is asking the five-member panel to approve a settlement of the workers’ retaliation claims that was earlier rejected by an administrative law judge.

EcoGlass building the straw of tomorrow now that plastic’s passe

EcoGlass’s surging output underscores a wave of change sweeping through the supply chain as the straw emerges as a central symbol of the world’s plastic trash crisis.

McDonald’s Singapore launches smelly durian McFlurry

McDonald's Singapore has turned the world's stinkiest fruit, described variously as a mix of rotten onions, raw sewage and turpentine, into a frozen dessert.

McDonald’s taps paper straws in UK to trim down plastic waste

McDonald’s Corp. will start rolling out paper straws in the UK and Ireland, with plans to phase out the plastic variety in all 1,361 locations there in 2019.

McDonald’s trims the fat at corporate level in push to cut...

Some owners and workers have been at odds with the company recently due to more complicated menu items and different kitchen procedures.

McDonald’s plans US layoffs in cost-cutting move

McDonald's USA President Chris Kempczinski announced the job cuts in a message to employees.

Chinese urged to boycott US firms, but Big Mac fans unconvinced

Appeals to shun the likes of McDonald's, KFC and Apple's iPhone have appeared on the popular WeChat messaging app and the Weibo microblogging website in recent days.

McDonald’s has a legal problem in pizza-loving India

Shares of India’s Domino’s Pizza operator Jubilant Foodworks Ltd. have more than doubled in the past year as the country’s biggest quick-service outlet benefits from a surge in online orders for home pizza delivery.

Kenapa tanda dagang McDonald’s di AS diterbalikkan?

Francais McDonald's akui mengubah kedudukan gerbang ikonik bagi menyambut Hari Wanita Antarabangsa, demi menghormati prestasi luar biasa wanita terutama di restoran tersebut.

200 med grads still without postings, says Penang exco

Dr Afif Bahardin says the backlog is due to a lack of hospitals and specialist centres, which has forced graduates to take up other jobs.

McDonald’s puts Happy Meal on a diet, saying hold the cheese

The fast-food giant seeks to shed its junk food image