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Internet glitch that brought down .my sites almost solved

Mynic Bhd, which provides domain services for .my, says some sites would take more time to be restored as the servers clear their cache.

Internet glitch brings down some Malaysian .my websites

Users complain on Twitter that the registrar, MyNIC, had only reported the problem 12 hours later.

ABN broadcasting company liquidated but contractors not paid

A group of them lodge police report urging authorities to probe where the money recovered went to and how ABN obtained its licence.

New Malaysia: Who’s next on the reform chopping block?

It is normal for an incoming administration to replace some of those seen to have sided with the earlier administration and so the guessing game has begun: Who’s next?

Anti fake news law repeal to take 2 or 3 months,...

The minister says they might not be able to complete the paperwork when Dewan Rakyat sits on June 25.

Gobind orders action on leak of 36mil phone users’ data

Communications minister says investigations into bot attacks and blocks on news sites will be carried out, and calls for proposals on amending the communications law.

Rein in MCMC to prevent future abuse, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty urges new communications minister Gobind Singh to investigate MCMC's past misdeeds under the BN government.

MCMC confirms unblocking Sarawak Report, Medium

The regulator says ban was lifted as 1MDB report has been made public.

3 websites blocked by Najib’s govt accessible again

Asia Sentinel, Medium and Sarawak Report, which were barred after carrying critical news related to 1MDB, are available again for viewing in Malaysia.

Polis periksa kenderaan keluar masuk bangunan SKMM

Seorang petugas SKMM berkata pemeriksaan itu melibatkan semua kenderaan warga kerja dan pelawat yang keluar dari bangunan tersebut.

MCMC: We’re investigating spam phone calls to leaders

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission says such 'attacks' could affect telcos, causing major inconvenience to the public.

LFL: No amendment or tweaking can save Anti-Fake News Act

Lawyers for Liberty’s Eric Paulsen says the act can be easily abused to target the opposition and must be abolished completely.

Why is MCMC breaking its own law, asks lawyer

Lawyers for Liberty chief Eric Paulsen says MCMC sending unsolicited messages to mobile phone users is an abuse of its power as regulator.

Is MCMC now sending spam messages to people’s phones?

Many mobile phone subscribers are puzzled after receiving a text message from a sender listed as 'MCMC'.

Malaysia to look into bot activity on Twitter

Communications minister Salleh Said Keruak says bots can be used anonymously by anybody and his ministry will respond to complaints.

In trouble over social media postings? What you need to know

Lawyers for Liberty says people being investigated over postings of a political nature need not provide authorities access to their social media accounts.

Azalina: Anti-fake news law to protect the people, not win GE14

The minister says the power to determine if news is true or false would not have been given to the court if the law was only to help the government win GE14.

MCMC, data company seek to strike out Fahmi’s suit

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission says it should not be held responsible for implementing orders from the minister.

1Malaysia Internet Centres help curb fake news

MCMC official says with internet access available in rural areas, people need to be equipped with knowledge on ethical use of internet.

91 cases of spreading ‘fake news’ recorded last year

Communications and multimedia ministry says 54 cases were resolved, while 11 cases were brought to court for further action.

Stern action against those spreading fake news on 1MDB

Deputy minister Jailani Johari identifies the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and MSNBC as publishing fake news about 1MDB since last week in lead up to GE14.

Robert Kuok reserves right to sue RPK, Malaysia Today

Despite exiled writer pulling stories on tycoon from his portal, statement from Kuok's office says baseless statements were made in a number of other articles.

Journalism body: Fake news law threatens media freedom

Reporters Without Borders urges MPs to reject the bill, saying the new law could lead to more arrests of journalists and government critics before GE14.

We’ll regulate internet if users aren’t responsible, warns Salleh

Minister says social media users should be sensible and responsible enough to practise self-censorship.