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Tag: media council

We want a free, but responsible media, says Kadir

The prime minister's special advisor on media and communications says the council is part of the reform the new government wants.

Govt wants media council to be set up soon, says Kadir...

He says the government will not be involved in the process and has left it to media practitioners to jointly discuss the matter.

Repeal PPPA first, then talk about media council, Putrajaya told

The Centre for Independent Journalism says it will be difficult for journalists to behave ethically as long as the Printing Presses and Publications Act is still in force.

RTM reform must be more than skin-deep, says expert

Malaysia can learn from Indonesia, which created a press law and empowered state-linked media to serve the public, says assistant professor.

Journalists agree to form media council

Representatives from media organisations agree to hold discussions on the council's establishment.