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Meme depicts Trump violently attacking media figures

US president’s head is superimposed on man opening fire in ‘Church of Fake News’.

Utusan and the wave of Malay dignity

Utusan Malaysia strove, in its early days, to inspire dignity among the Malays and make them politically conscious but in later years, under Umno, it shot itself on the foot… and the head, too.

Media tradisional makin kubur, kata NUJ ekoran nasib Utusan Melayu

Kesatuan Kebangsaan Wartawan Semenanjung Malaysia berkata industri media cetak berdepan cabaran genting dalam lanskap berita semasa.

Utusan closure shows print media fading with time, says union

The National Union of Journalists says the print media industry faces crucial challenges in competing in the current news landscape.

Ejen Ali The Movie penuh dengan aksi, bakal ditayangkan 28 Nov

Penuh dengan aksi dan kejutan, Ejen Ali The Movie penuh dengan plot twis.

NBA, Nets cancel Shanghai media event

Comes amid public relations crisis sparked by tweet from Houston Rockets executive.

Facebook increases pressure on Snapchat with ‘Threads’ app

Threads app is the fastest way to share a photo or video with user's close friends on Instagram.

Facebook, WhatsApp will have to share messages with UK

UK urges social media companies to build ‘backdoors’ to give intelligence agencies access to their messaging platforms.

Polis minta bantuan kesan isteri lelaki mati ditembak di Rawang

Polis sedang menyiasat rakaman CCTV menunjukkan wanita dipercayai G Moganambal meninggalkan elevator pangsapuri pada malam kejadian berbalas tembakan.

Bolsonaro: ‘Media is lying’ about Amazon devastation

Bolsonaro says sensational reporting 'aroused our patriotic sentiments'.

PH never set date for Mahathir handover, says Kadir

PM's media adviser says "whether it is 2020, 2030 or even 2050, the date is not specified" in the agreement among PH leaders.

Stealth bomber for Area 51 crowd? US military apologises for tweet

The US military unit says the tweet was inappropriate and apologises for the mistake.

F1 leader Hamilton no longer a follower on Instagram

Lewis Hamilton still follows people in F1 closely just to see what they are up to.

US-funded TV station in Iraq suspended over corruption report

Al-Hurra TV aired a 12-minute documentary claiming Sunni and Shiite Muslim authorities were misusing state funds and had suspicious ties to armed factions.

Missing Maldives journalist killed by Islamic radicals

Rilwan Abdulla received death threats from the group operating under the name Bilad-al-Sham on Facebook.

Waytha gesa media henti promosi pendakwah ‘rasis’

Ada baiknya jika semua media tidak menerbitkan atau menyiarkan suara yang membangkitkan sentimen kebencian dan keagamaan dalam komuniti.

Trump complains favourable Fox News not ‘working for us’

For much of Donald Trump's first term, he's been able to rely regularly on Fox for friendly coverage.

Ibu bapa perlu tahu budaya ‘sharenting’ bahaya!

Ibu bapa perlu tahu budaya “sharenting” ini sebenarnya sangat berbahaya terutamanya kepada anak anda, jadi dengan ambil langkah berjaga-jaga mampu mengelakkan sesuatu yang tidak diingini berlaku.

Hasbro’s push into media shines light on other film and TV...

Hasbro is diving in deeper, expanding beyond making toys and choosing to be a principal player in TV and moviemaking.

In Utusan’s crisis, lessons for the Malaysian press

Unchecked political and state ownership of media like Bernama and Utusan Malaysia has come at a high cost.

Thailand asks tech firms to set up centres against ‘fake news’...

The proposal came as Asean telecoms regulators were meeting this week in Bangkok with an aim to come up with regional guidelines to regulate over-the-top platforms, including taxation policies.

Is Trump’s love affair with Fox News fading?

Donald Trump seems to be losing his affection for Fox News recently in favour of One America News Network.

CBS, Viacom agree to merge into media giant

The deal comes on the heels of other large transactions in media, including Disney's US$71.3 billion acquisition of key assets from 21st Century Fox, and AT&T's US$85 billion purchase of Time Warner.

Training journalists in the era of fake news

Technology is not the answer as the journalist of tomorrow needs to be educated on how to discern what’s real and fake.