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Researchers keeps wraps on automatic text generator to prevent misuse

The software could be used to generate news stories, product reviews and other kinds of writing.

Don’t threaten media over degrees row, PH leaders told

Two NGOs say while Lim Guan Eng and others have the right to sue for defamation, their actions should not further restrict freedom of expression.

Jangan salahkan media apabila politikus celopar

Mengawal media dengan erti kata menentukan mana yang 'sensasi', 'betul', 'beretika' dan seumpamanya bukanlah kriteria Malaysia Baru, tapi Malaysia pilu.

After Umno’s exit, Utusan shares spike 126%

Shares surged from 11 sen to 26 sen with 928,000 shares traded at 12.30 pm

China entertainment endures ‘bitter winter’ after crackdowns

A nationwide push for more party-approved material across media, music and entertainment has combined with a clampdown on spiralling screen-star salaries.

US frees Iranian state TV journalist

US-born and US-based Iranian journalist Marzieh Hashem was detained on unspecific charges upon arrival at St Louis Lambert International Airport.

Transgenders are successful people too, says activist

Khartini Slamah says trans-people such as cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman have worked hard to be the successful but society continues to view transgenders negatively.

French media denounce violent “yellow vest” attacks on press

Journalists covering the protests are increasingly becoming a target for the demonstrators.

Information blind spots over Agong’s resignation

As nobody wants to talk about the facts leading to the resignation of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, all history and social science students can do is speculate.

Why we need the media to step up

The country needs an assertive and independent media to challenge politicians who make unsatisfactory statements.

Dakwa minta sogokan: Syed Saddiq arah pegawai lapor polis

Individu tersebut didapati tiada kena-mengena dengan pejabat Ahli Parlimen Muar.

Zuckerberg sees ‘progress’ for Facebook after tumultuous year

He says Facebook now has more than 30,000 people "working on safety" and invests billions of dollars in security.

2019 brings new hopes and new expectations

Those who had voted for change in GE14 need to remember that they are in this together. It is early days yet and PH is still a work in progress.

Under pressure at home and abroad, Putin faces media

The Russian presidents holds a in 2008, when questions and answers went on for 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Journalists become increasing ‘targets’ for killings, says watchdog

The Committee to Protect Journalists said 34 of the 53 journalists killed on duty this year around the world were 'singled out for murder'.

Stop focusing on sensational news, Maszlee tells newsmen

Instead, education minister tells them to produce more useful educational materials for the reading public.

Media freedom not the issue in Sarawak, says Gobind

The communications and multimedia minister hits out at the state government for barring non-Sarawak Pakatan Harapan leaders from entering the state.

Najib: Saya tidak pernah kata saya ditipu Jho Low

Najib mendakwa kenyataan asalnya 'dikilas' oleh sebuah portal berita.

CNN reporter returns to White House after pass reinstated

Acosta had riled Trump by refusing to give up the microphone at a news conference.

Australia approves landmark media merger

The merger is the first deal under a controversial media ownership law passed last year which removed restrictions that prevented companies from owning newspapers, radio and free-to-air television stations in the same city.

Trump blames media for ‘division and hatred’ in US

Trump had called for unity in the face of Saturday's assault on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, in a week in which prominent Democrats were targets of pipe bombs sent through the mail, allegedly by a Trump supporter in Florida.

PKR polls: Problems aren’t as bad as they seem, says Syed...

The former number two blames media for over-reporting on issues plaguing party elections.

Florida man charged in connection with 14 bombs sent to Trump...

The bombs have heightened tensions during what was already a highly contentious campaign season ahead of the Nov 6 elections.

Saudi admission over critic’s killing shields crown prince

Saudi Arabia had previously roundly rejected allegations that Khashoggi was killed by Saudi agents who dismembered his body.