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‘Disrespectful, disgusting’ – Bayern bosses attack German media

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß criticised the German media for what they perceived to be unjust reporting about Bayern Munich.

China state paper accuses west of double standards on Xinjiang

The China Daily says the western media is guilty of 'double standards' when it comes to reporting on Xinjiang.

Media perlu papar sisi positif pesakit mental, kata pakar

Media sepatutnya memaparkan isu kesihatan mental atau pesakit mental secara positif, bukannya menyorot sisi negatifnya.

China state media asks US to avert `full-scale face-off’

In a toughly worded commentary on Friday, the official Xinhua News Agency said Sino-US relations were at a crossroads.

US’s Mnuchin to attend top Saudi event, media exit over missing...

Pressure has mounted on US ally Saudi Arabia since Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi policies, went missing.

Bawa media serbu khalwat akan dikaji semula, kata Mujahid

Menteri berkata penambahbaikan SOP serbuan khalwat termasuk mengelakkan aib pelaku tersebar.

HK lawmakers walkout over media freedoms at city leader’s policy address

Hong Kong denied a work visa renewal for a British journalist working for the Financial Times newspaper, in an unprecedented case that has tarnished the city's image and stoked diplomatic outrage.

Gobind: Control, not just ownership, a factor in media slant

Minister of communications and multimedia agrees with new arguments over media ownership but says government just wants free media.

Mujahid: SOP penguatkuasaan ‘tidak maksum’, layak diperbaiki

SOP penguatkuasaan dan intipan sudah lama tidak dibincangkan dengan pihak sepatutnya untuk tujuan kaji semula dan penambahbaikkan.

Turkey probes claims that Saudis killed journalist

Erdogan said that CCTV footage of entrances and exits at the consulate and the airport in Istanbul were being studied by the police.

Urgent to fight racial disinformation on social media, says expert

However, Gayathry S Venkiteswaran says much of this is due to existing race-based policies.

Delving into the fascinating world of digital media

Digital media students will learn the basics of web design, how to master the development of audio and video as well as mobile games, plus more.

‘Banning political ownership of media not the way to go’

Centre for Independent Journalism director Sonia Randhawa says putting a cap on the shares held by political parties in mainstream media companies will infringe on freedom of expression.

Putrajaya no longer tells editors what to do, says PM’s media...

A Kadir Jasin says the government wants the media to be self-regulating through the establishment of a media council.

Sky’s shares jump after Comcast wins auction

US cable-TV giant Comcast offered US$40 billion in a rare weekend auction that brought to an end its battle against Rupert Murdoch's Fox and Walt Disney Co.

Digital assistants hone skills to deliver the news

Devices such as Amazon's Alexa-powered speakers, Google Home and Apple HomePod are delivering news flashes and summaries.

Susah Harakah berkembang jika ahli PAS tidak baca, kata Mohd Amar

Harakah sepatutnya menjadi rujukan utama ahli PAS sebelum melihat dan membaca media lain.

Bezos calls Trumps attacks on media ‘dangerous’

The comments appeared to be the first direct, public rebuke of Trump by Bezos, a frequent target of attacks by the president.

China blocks Australian state broadcaster’s website

Ties between Canberra and Beijing have been strained recently over allegations that China is interfering in Australia's domestic politics and using donations to gain access.

Woods-Mickelson golf duel lets AT&T show its new media prowess

Since Woods returned to the game this year after his fourth back surgery, golf’s TV ratings have soared.

Merkel stresses media freedom after police blocked TV crew at far-right...

Merkel said that, while the right to free assembly is equally important, demonstrators must accept that they may be filmed by media organisations.

Facebook flags users who try to ‘game’ fact-checking effort

Users who report what appears to be bogus news are given a standard probability score of from zero to one depending on how reliable they are when it comes to reporting posts that are untrue.

Terima kasih kerajaan PH, rakyat kini bebas

Walaun kerajaan PH gagal menunaikan 10 manifesto utamanya tetapi rakyat dan media kini bebas mengkritik kerajaan tidak seperti di era BN.

Trump alleges social media ‘censorship’ of conservatives

Trump accused social media platforms of "totally discriminating" against users with right-wing views while dubbing mainstream news outlets CNN and MSNBC "sick."