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Tag: medical graduates

Specialising could save you, medical students told

Speaker at a medical summit warns that GPs could soon be replaced with technology.

‘Long wait for housemanship? Students don’t want to leave their comfort...

The deputy health DG says there are many available positions outside of the Klang Valley, but students prefer to wait.

Health ministry taking action to end glut of doctors, nurses

Dzulkefly Ahmad says no new degree programmes, no increase in medical student intake, and more training slots for graduates.

200 med grads still without postings, says Penang exco

Dr Afif Bahardin says the backlog is due to a lack of hospitals and specialist centres, which has forced graduates to take up other jobs.

SPM BM is not about the Chinese

Medical graduate says having to take SPM BM could delay entry into housemanship by 2 years, that is half the time to obtain the medical degree itself.

What’s so difficult about studying BM?

Writer says Chinese Malaysians must stop making a big fuss over something that has long been incorporated into our social contract and accepted as the norm.

Miscommunication over BM proficiency issue triggers controversy

Any medical graduate wanting to serve here must realise that they will be in a predominantly BM-speaking work environment, serving a large ratio of Malay patients.

Medical grads told to sit for 6 core SPM subjects, pass...

Public Service Commission will not accept medical graduates' O-Level BM or Bahasa Kebangsaan A (BKA) qualifications for housemanship placements.

Housemanship applicants asked about Korean dramas, says medical graduate

The graduate says non-standardised and 'secret' marking system leaves room for corruption in interviews to place housemen in government hospitals.

DAP: PSC incompetence delaying medical grads becoming housemen

Don't complain about under-performing hospital interns when the PSC's own inefficiency has caused problems for these graduates, says Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching.

Junior doctors trapped in catch-22 predicament

Unemployment is high among medical graduates because housemanship training is only provided by accredited government and university hospitals and places are scarce.

Contract terms only for new government doctors

With oversupply of medical graduates, only some doctors will qualify for permanent employment following 5 years of contract service, says health ministry official.

Ministry ready to place housemen with armed forces

Health minister in welcoming the proposal says it will be discussed to see how it can be implemented soonest.

‘Allow medical grads to serve in other ministries’

This can be a solution to the problem of medical graduates having to wait a long time to serve in hospitals and many dropping out, says Deputy Health DG (Medical) Dr S Jeyaindran.