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Regulate all sellers of health or none

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, beauticians and those who sell supplements should also be regulated.

How group insurance differs from personal insurance

The best would be to ensure that you have personal and group coverage in a world where even large companies can fall swiftly.

Surgery restores arm function in some paralysed patients

A study reveals Australian surgeons restoring arm function in paralysed patients thanks to a groundbreaking nerve transfer procedure.

Plan for special council to propel health tourism in Sabah

The role of the proposed Sabah Health Tourism Council will be to formulate policies, regulate and promote health tourism as well as monitor its growth.

IOC chief calls Semenya case ‘complicated and delicate’

The IOC would create a group of 'experts from science, from ethics as well as athletes' representatives and from international federations' to examine the ruling.

WMA warns doctors not to enforce Semenya rules

WMA chairman Frank Ulrich Montgomery advised doctors to play no part in enforcing the rules as it would break ethical codes.

Chong Wei comeback depends on doctor’s visit next week

Badminton ace is showing good form in training but whether he plays in the Malaysia Open or not will depend on his doctor’s assessment next week.

Koro: The genital-shrinking disease with a Malaysian origin

Koro makes patients believe their genitals will shrink into their abdomen and eventually lead to their untimely death.

Govt comes to aid of current, former national athletes

It has agreed to provide medical and health benefits to current and former national athletes.

Can I still get HIV from intercourse without ejaculation?

The use of condoms is highly advised to mitigate the risk of transmitting sexually-transmitted infections such as HIV.

Canada to release budget, outline better drug coverage

The budget is the last before a federal election in October.

Is Malaysia facing a US sanction on generic Hepatitis C drug?

Doctors without Borders estimates the cost of 12 weeks' treatment for Sofosbuvir can drop to as low as RM480.

Dealing with the financial impact of critical chronic diseases

WHO says the key to address these is to improve the management of its response - detection, early screening and treatment as well as palliative care.

From slicing thumbs to removing eyeballs, how far some go for...

Insurance investigators tell of bizarre cases including people gouging out their own eyeballs and syndicates taking insurance on homeless people who later end up dead.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe in Singapore for medical treatment, unable to walk

During his later years in power, Mugabe made several medical trips to Singapore.

Ideal timing between pregnancies is at least one year: study

For women over 35, the risk of maternal complications was highest for pregnancies that began three, six or nine months following a prior birth.

Ex-MP calls for freeze on new private hospitals

Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj warns of a brain drain of senior doctors from the public sector.

Law seen as unfair to patients moving from private to public...

Think tank says they shouldn't be forced to accept first class treatment.

Pathologist: Injuries on Ivana’s body consistent with fall

Zunaizah Hilmi says Dutch model’s body had multiple bruises that showed blunt-force trauma and a torn artery.

Israel closes people crossing with Gaza after border violence

The Palestinian Authority civilian affairs office in the Gaza Strip also confirmed the closure except for medical cases and Palestinians seeking to return into the enclave.

How should Muslim doctors deal with the LGBT issue?

Muslim doctors who follow Quranic principles in handling the LGBT community are often seen as bigots or as spreading hatred even if this is done with the intention of giving advice to the public.

‘Why are they leaving me?’ Indonesian abandoned in quake chaos

Hundreds of bloodied and bandaged victims are being treated outside damaged hospitals in the main city of Mataram and other hard-hit areas.

MMA claims BN awarded medical licences to friends, supporters

Medical body's president Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim hopes Pakatan Harapan government will make legal amendments to allow for a national licensing examination to check the competency of doctors.

A tribute and thank you to Khazanah Nasional

Social workers thank Khazanah for its support for outreach programmes to help marginalised communities.