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Tag: Melanie Chia

Blame yourself for not having safe seats in Sabah, SAPP tells...

SAPP’s Melanie Chia says DAP had previously fielded several candidates in Sabah who changed parties to the chagrin of voters.

Hackers from KL targeting us, says SAPP

The party's deputy president Melanie Chia says there have been attempts to get into the party’s Google account.

SAPP onslaught on peninsula-based parties continues

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) believes Pakatan Harapan and Warisan are no different from BN and will sideline Sabah's interests.

DAP can promise Sabah autonomy but will Pakatan, PPBM agree

Sabah party leader says Pakatan Harapan can't even agree on who will be prime minister, so how will they agree on giving Sabah back billions in revenue.

Recalling, reissuing of native certs could lead to disharmony

SAPP deputy chairman Melanie Chia says a better alternative is to recall and reissue MyKads.

Archived: RM80mil bribe: SAPP lodges police report

SAPP women’s wing chief Melanie Chia claims that although the election is over, the rumours have not stopped and was getting serious.

Archived: Sabah’s oil curse strikes again

Poverty-riddled Sabah is the sixth biggest contributor to the national economy, contributing more than a quarter of the total oil and gas produced in the country.

‘BN and Umno leaders pawning Sabah’

The formation of Malaysia was similar to the formation of Great Britain consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where each of them have their own autonomy.

Pairin must explain ‘water politics’

Why does Sabah need a 'multi-million ringgit loan' for a water supply project approved under the 9MP and which the state assembly was told in 2010, as being 'on schedule'?

Double blow for ‘dirt-poor’ Sabahans

The discovery of oil and gas in Sabah has not brought home the wealth the state deserved, says an assemblywoman.

Sabah BN rejects call for increased petroleum royalty

Luyang rep takes the state government to task for failing to protect the rights and interests of Sabah.

SAPP steps in to help the poor

What has happened to the welfare money that was not disbursed to the needy and elderly in Sabah?