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Tag: memories

‘Cats:’ Universal Pictures has unveiled the movie’s first official trailer

'Cats' will be released to North American theatres on December 20.

Alcohol changes how memories are formed on a molecular level

Researchers decided to investigate the role of molecules and genes in the encoding of memories.

Nostalgia trip for residents of Padang Tembak flats

People who used to stay at Penang’s first high-rise flats invited to share their memories.

In new Singapore, a fight to keep alive 80-year-old flea market

The traders at Sungei Road open market given until July 10 to clear out, prompting netizens to ask government not to put ‘price tag on memories’.

Journalists recount heartache over MH370’s disappearance

The plane's mysterious disappearance was a challenging time for journalists who could not escape feeling the grief of the victims' families.