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5 ways women can make the first move

Why wait till he gets his act together? Be the first to take the bulls by the horns by using these creative ways to make that first date with him a reality.

Bare-faced cheat: Women ‘better at hiding infidelity’

Research also suggests that less attractive men tend to 'engage in actual mate poaching'.

12 things men can do to be better allies to women

In order to have a better world for women, we have to build it. This involves helping men become better men and better allies to our sisters.

Study: Women’s brains appear ‘years younger’ than men’s

Subjects ranged from their 20s to 80s, and across those age spans, women's brains appeared metabolically younger than men's.

Men more likely to opt for meat when they want to...

Men were found more likely to choose the meat option when sexually motivated.

Height and weight may influence women’s lifespan more men’s

It was found that women who are are still alive at age 90 were taller and weighed lesser compared to those who were shorter and heavier.

Dowdy no more: Men in suits storm back into style

This week a most unexpected thing has been happening on Paris men's catwalks -- the stuffy old suit has come back.

Women on track to earn the same as men – in...

Women with AI skills are more likely to be employed as data analysts and information managers, while men tend to land in more lucrative and senior positions such as engineering heads and chief executives.

6 golden foods that help preserve the health of men

Incorporating the right kinds of food into your daily diet can help men cope better with ED, depression, injured muscle tissue and infertility among others.

Orange juice, leafy greens and fruit could be good for a...

Findings showed that people who ate larger amounts of fruits and vegetables at the start of the study were less likely to develop thinking and memory problems later in life.

Manbassadors: Male champions of female issues, equality, and diversity

Among the many men who champion gender equality are heads of organisations like Yann Borgstedt, Chris Stylianou, Jaymin Patel and James Taylor.

High-flying women are closing the pay gap with men

The gap between what executive men and women earn has fallen sharply in Britain and the United States after a global focus on sexism in the workplace forced new laws.

Skin cancer deaths rates soar, mostly for men

More than 90% of melanoma cancers are caused by skin cell damage from exposure to the sun or other sources of UV radiation.

Women make up only two-fifths of labour force, report finds

Khazanah Research Institute finds that they are also paid less than men.

Half of women at risk of dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke

The results indicated that the likelihood of women aged 45 years or older getting the diseases was 48%, while it was 36% for men.

Cosby sentencing is new milestone for #MeToo movement

The #MeToo movement has permanently altered the way the US reckons with sexual misconduct by powerful men.

A Mediterranean diet may help lower a woman’s risk of stroke

Findings, published in the American Heart Association's journal Stroke, showed that across all participants those who most closely followed a Mediterranean-style diet benefited from a 17% risk of stroke.

Saudi Arabia holds Egyptian who ate breakfast with female coworker

Government regulations stipulate that workplaces should ensure a private setting for female employees separate from males, but in practice, this is not uniformly applied.

Indonesian district bans men and women from dining together

Aceh - the only region in the world's most populous Muslim majority country that imposes Islamic law - has drawn fire in the past for putting moral restrictions on women.

5 grooming tips to make every man handsome

From dry, oily skin to overgrown beards and dirty nails, men must take it upon themselves to look well-groomed, neat and clean whenever they step out of the house.

Women cheer as Swedish man-free music festival opens

Held in Sweden's second-largest city of Gothenburg, the two-day Statement Festival, forbids men but not transgender people.

Being in an on-off relationship could be bad for your mental...

Previous research has estimated that more than 60% of adults have been involved in on-off relationships.

Chanel to launch a line of makeup for men

On Monday August 20, the French fashion and beauty house announced the launch of its first-ever dedicated line of makeup for men.

Want to be a dad? Wear boxers, not skin-tight briefs

Compared to men who favour snug-fitting briefs, devotees of boxer shorts had a significantly higher count and concentration of sperm, researchers reported in the journal Human Reproduction.