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Tag: mental health

Girl’s suicide seen as wake-up call for better mental health services

A think tank says those seeking tighter internet laws are missing the point.

When help and compassion, not condemnation, is needed

Our duty is to provide professional help to those in need of it, coupled with emotional support from family and friends.

Family and friends got me through bouts of depression, says Syed...

The youth and sports minister says a good support system was necessary to ensure good mental health in society.

Singer Selena Gomez laments dangers of social media at Cannes

Selena Gomez is one of the world's most-watched Instagram stars, with over 150 million followers.

Monki’s new collection focuses on mental health awareness

Mental health is becoming an increasingly mainstream topic of conversation among fashion and beauty brands.

Syed Saddiq wants ‘honest’ discussion on mental health after teen’s suicide

Minister says he will start the ball rolling by hosting a dialogue this Friday on this growing mental health issue.

5 ways to improve your mood instantly

If you work on improving your mood, you’ll soon discover that life doesn’t seem as difficult or challenging for you.

Prince Harry, Oprah to make mental health documentaries

The partnership with Winfrey, who has decades of experience as one of America's foremost talk show hosts, will focus on both "mental illness and mental wellness".

Retired All Black Dagg: I hated rugby

Dagg said he descended into a mental trough after missing out on New Zealand selection for the 2015 World Cup and suffering a serious injury soon after.

Work-related stress: Are you a victim?

If you have too many blue days or start to freak out at the thought of going to work, you may be suffering from work-related stress.

How blogging is good for your mental health

By sharing mental health stories, people can collectively help the fight against stigma and misinformation.

Trump aide and her husband squabble over president’s mental state

Kellyanne Conway has made a name for herself as one of Donald Trump's toughest, sharpest defenders.

California’s mentally ill homeless need place of their own to heal

Despite the economic prosperity of California, the state also has the highest poverty rate in the United States of America.

The surprising health benefits of love

Love is the most powerful form of human connection. Though love can bring about pain and stress at times, a calm and stable romantic relationship brings many health benefits.

Yazidi doctor soldiers on in mental battle against IS

The war against the Islamic State is drawing to a close, but Nagham Hasan still sees mental and emotional scars they left on their victims.

The mind distracted: technology’s battle for our attention

Technology has reached a point where users are increasingly manipulated to spend more and more time in front of screens.

Drinking during pregnancy may increase mental health problems in children

Researchers say complete abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy is advisable to decrease the risk of mental health problems in children.

Prince William slams football clubs over mental health care

Prince William says clubs appeared to only see the players as investments, not as human beings.

Instagram tightens rules on self-injury images

The move came after the British Health Secretary met with social media companies about doing more to safeguard the mental health of teenagers using their platforms.

Suicide rate falls by a third globally, data shows

The World Health Organization lists suicide as a critical public health issue and estimates at least 800,000 people kill themselves every year.

More evidence that physical activity can be a tool against depression

New US research has found evidence to suggest that keeping active is an effective preventive measure for depression.

New study urges women to look after mental health before conception

New Australian research has found that women who suffer from depression before falling pregnant are more likely to have children with psychosocial problems.

Decriminalise suicide, increase funds to fight mental illness, says group

The Galen Centre calls for urgent policy reforms and action on mental disorders and suicides.

5 ways to boost your mental health this year

A research says seniors can lower their chances of depression in old age by making regular trips out to the cinema, theatre or museums.