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Tag: mental health

K-pop star Sulli dies at 25

Police say the singer-actress who had spoken about cyber bullying, had been depressed. 

Joker: Tragic Clown Prince of Crime will put a smile on...

The origin of Batman’s arch nemesis, Joker casts Joaquin Phoenix as an unfortunate man descending into madness.

‘The Gatekeeper’: A modern mental health thriller

Dig deeper and 'The Gatekeeper' addresses many core issues that mankind struggles with today.

Top 10 blogs to follow for great mental health

Once-taboo discussions now have a prominent place in your lives and workplace.

This World Suicide Day, work together to prevent suicide

Society has a collective responsibility to help suicidal people regain their hope and prevent the tragedy of suicide.

Teens who stay single have better social skills, are less depressed,...

Every year, the students are asked whether they have dated, as well as to report on social and emotional factors.

Work together to tackle mental health issues, says lecturer

Dr Nicholas Pang Tze Ping says society should focus on mental wellness instead of mental illness.

Back from ‘hell’, Fury helping others fight their demons

Tyson Fury says he is passionate about helping others who struggle with mental health issues after embarking on speaking tours in the UK and Europe to spread awareness on this issue.

Taking a mental break from work? Don’t check your phone, study...

Using a cell phone during a break from work does not allow the brain to recharge effectively and could result in poorer performance, according to researchers.

Trump proposes tighter gun control tied to US immigration reform

Trump appears to blame the US news media and what he considers unfair coverage for violence like the weekend shootings.

Hong Kong’s youth aren’t as happy as Singapore’s, survey finds

Of 11 poll categories covering satisfaction with political, recreational and economic conditions, people in Hong Kong were the least pleased with their housing conditions.

Instagram hides ‘likes’ from more users

The social media giant's trial changes mean users in six countries will no longer be able to see the number of likes other people's posts receive.

Positive mental health during a pregnancy

Pregnancies are incredibly strenuous and the emotional changes that come with them can be hard to deal with.

10 psychology blogs you should read

Here are the best psychology blogs that offer information, insight and interesting content.

Screen time and autism: the pros and cons

A lecturer's warning against online addiction prompts two who work with autistic children to speak of the benefits of playing with computers and such devices.

Internet addiction can lead to mental disorder, says don

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia's Nurhafizah Mohd Sukor says uncontrolled usage of social media or new media can result in psychological and cultural problems.

WHO recognises ‘burnout’ as medical condition

This is the first time burnout has been included in WHO's International Classification of Diseases classification.

Psychology of colour: How big brands paint the perfect picture

The science of colour is still a relatively untapped area. However, we do know that colours can be used to guide our perceptions of a product.

Sabah’s youngest ever state minister to tackle mental health issues

Ginger Phoong says mental health awareness among young people is poor in Sabah, and he wants to change this.

Girl’s suicide seen as wake-up call for better mental health services

A think tank says those seeking tighter internet laws are missing the point.

When help and compassion, not condemnation, is needed

Our duty is to provide professional help to those in need of it, coupled with emotional support from family and friends.

Family and friends got me through bouts of depression, says Syed...

The youth and sports minister says a good support system was necessary to ensure good mental health in society.

Singer Selena Gomez laments dangers of social media at Cannes

Selena Gomez is one of the world's most-watched Instagram stars, with over 150 million followers.

Monki’s new collection focuses on mental health awareness

Mental health is becoming an increasingly mainstream topic of conversation among fashion and beauty brands.