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Tag: Merdeka Day

‘No invite’ to state Merdeka celebration, says Sabah PPBM

Penampang division chief questions local report that made it an issue, says PH partners should not attack each other.

Aug 31 as Malaysia’s National Day an insult to Sarawakians, says...

He says Sabah and Sarawak were not part of the Federation of Malaysia on Aug 31, 1957.

Where would we be without Sabah and Sarawak?

There is a big disconnect between East and West Malaysia.

Close racial, religious polarisation gaps, interfaith group tells Putrajaya

In a Merdeka Day message, the MCCBCHST says high hopes have been placed on the new government to uphold freedom, justice and equality.

Changing the narratives of Malaysian history

Without Sabah and Sarawak, there would be no Malaysia, so perhaps we should rethink East Malaysia's place in history.

DBKL considering making flying Jalur Gemilang compulsory

Kuala Lumpur Mayor suggests business owners be allowed to renew their licences only if they had put up national flag in conjunction with Merdeka Day celebrations.

PKR: General election may be called in October

Feel-good factor from SEA Games and double national day celebrations - Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day - in August through September best timing, says PKR lawmaker.

‘Negaraku’ initiative to bring Malaysians together, says Salleh

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says 60th Merdeka celebration initiative will involve Malaysians from all levels of society.

Put your palms together for longest Malaysian flag

About 100,000 members of the public and school children join hands to create longest Malaysian flag using their palms.

S’wakian leaders slam Raja Petra for ‘leave M’sia’ comment

Leaders from both sides of the political aisle have condemned Raja Petra Kamarudin's article where he tells Sarawakians to put up or “shut up” regarding Merdeka Day celebrations.

‘End game was not to terminate them but rehabilitate them’

Former senior police officer Paul Kiong tells how he infiltrated communist lines and formed life-long friendships with “converted” communists.

Ex-SB officer speaks of the price paid for independence

Former Special Branch officer Paul Kiong says being on undercover operations in jungles to infiltrate communist insurgent networks meant missing his family was not even an option.

Siti, the youngest M’sian to scale Mount Everest

Broken hipbones, damaged teeth and various scars mark the 26-year-old’s body, all souvenirs from her mountaineering conquests.

The difference between Bangsa Johor and nationalism

Dr Mahathir's statement that promoting a state identity can create further divisions in an already fractured Malaysian identity, is correct.

Toll-free travel for LDP users on Merdeka Day

The company will also be offering a 20 sen discount to all classes of vehicles travelling on the Sprint Highway.

From independence to inter-dependence

To be inter-dependent, we need to develop our own capability, capacity and competitive edge, not just as a country but as individuals.

Devolve powers to the 13 states

Instead of giving people the tools to resolve their own problems through their own means, the Federal Government has taken the role of a nanny that assumes she knows best.

Christian group calls for nation to commemorate spirit of Merdeka

CFM says Christians must not lose heart and succumb to hopelessness, but instead gain courage to go out to conscientiously serve the needs of society.