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Gold loses its lustre as higher prices keep China investors, shoppers...

Weakened yuan, reduced economic growth also dampen consumer sentiment.

4 poisonous elements historically used in everyday life

From lead to mercury, humans have long unknowingly misused dangerous metals for their personal use.

Indian girl’s throat slit in spate of deadly kite accidents

Kite flying is a popular sport in India but has turned deadly in recent years, with people using strings coated in metal or glass to try to cut down competitors' kites.

UK company complains to LME about access to metal in Malaysia

London-listed Glencore bought 200,000 tonnes of aluminium on the LME in January and made preparations to take it from a warehouse in Port Klang.

Shanghai aluminium slips after Malaysia lifts bauxite ban

Putrajaya is not extending the moratorium on bauxite mining which ends on March 31 due to strong demand for the industry.

Metal markets are preparing for a new world disorder

Steel prices and aluminium premiums are shooting up in the US thanks to tariffs, threatening to wreak havoc on manufacturers.

World’s largest metal factory gives Kazakhstan town a life of its...

Aided by the success of the Aksu Ferroalloys Plant, the town of Aksu is flourishing.