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Tag: #MeToo

Australian stores pull book on Harvey Weinstein after legal threats

The tome details the Hollywood producer’s alleged sexual assaults.

Weinstein to hear new accusations against him

Prosecutors plan to file testimony from actress Annabella Sciorra in a new  indictment against the 67-year-old former producer.

Islamic scholar Ramadan now accused of raping journalist

The woman also accuses Ramadan of issuing 'threats or acts of intimidation' aimed at dissuading her from reporting the alleged attack to the police, sources say.

Victim-blamers have empathy, but it’s mostly for perpetrators

Studies show that 'victim-blaming' among men fell when were they were asked to see a situation from a woman's perspective.

CEOs who cheat on spouses twice as likely to cheat at...

A new study finds a strong correlation between adultery and workplace misconduct by corporate executives and financial advisers.

Actress Emma Watson launches UK sexual harassment helpline

The service will give advice on what constitutes sexual harassment; how to bring a grievance or claim at an employment tribunal, and on settlements and non-disclosure agreements.

After #MeToo, US women seen reporting less workplace harassment

Reports of unwanted sexual attention – such as ogling and inappropriate touching – fell to one in four last year from about two-thirds of those surveyed in 2016.

Woody Allen debuts at Milan’s world-famous La Scala

Woody Allen is making his debut at Milan's legendary La Scala opera house directing a Puccini production before a European audience apparently unswayed by historic sex abuse allegations.

Lady Gaga leads surge in women to become Oscar voters

Women accounting for half of the Hollywood royalty are admitted to the Oscars-awarding film academy this year, the body says, with Lady Gaga among those to be invited.

‘DeepNude’ app to ‘undress’ women shut down after furor

The creators of an application allowing users to virtually 'undress' women using artificial intelligence shut it down after a social media uproar over its potential for abuse.

Harvey Weinstein hires two new lawyers, including a woman

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein hires two new lawyers, including a woman, making his third change of legal representation barely two months before his trial on sexual assault charges.

Malkovich returns to London stage as disgraced producer in Mamet play

American actor John Malkovich returns to London’s West End to take on a 'very challenging' role of a disgraced Hollywood film mogul in a new play by David Mamet.

French #MeToo founder sued for slander by man she accused

Sandra Muller, who founded France's answer to the #MeToo campaign exposing abusive behaviour by men, is being sued for defamation.

Weinstein accusers poised to see first compensation as trial looms

Harvey Weinstein reportedly has reached a tentative settlement with women who filed civil suits against the disgraced film mogul for sexual harassment, but the multi-million-dollar deal will not forestall his criminal trial.

Global community pledges US$363 million to combat sexual violence

21 donor countries pledged US$363 million to combat sexual and gender-based violence in humanitarian crises.

Record number of attacks on gays in France

The number of assaults jump 66% over 2017, with a spike towards the end of the year when a case a day was being reported to the group.

Female shows take TV by storm

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, Hollywood is improving for women.

New York philanthropist accused of sexual harassment

6 women say Michael Steinhardt asked them for sex on multiple occasions, and often remarked on their physiques or sex lives.

‘Intimacy coordinators’ key for filming intimate scenes

'The Deuce' was the first to hire Alicia Rodis, the very first 'intimacy coordinator' for television.

Top #MeToo advocate quits after her son is accused of assault

Chief Executive Officer of Time's Up, Lisa Borders left the organisation because her son was accused of sexual misconduct.

Statue of US sailor kissing nurse vandalised with #MeToo

The vandalism is believed to have been committed the day after the death of the sailor in the iconic photo, George Mendonsa.

S.Korean women’s activists slam wife of politician in #MeToo case

Min Joo-won is the wife of former presidential contender Ahn Hee-jung, jailed for repeatedly raping his female aide, Kim Ji-eun.

German director defends horror flick against #MeToo criticism

Akin insists the ultra-violent new picture aims to grant 'dignity' to both the killer and the slain women.

Former S.Korea presidential hopeful jailed in #MeToo case

Ahn was accused by his former female secretary of raping her several times between 2017 and February last year.