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Kids in cages: Geneva protest urges UN action on Trump migration...

Dozens of demonstrators gather outside the UN's European HQ urging the UN Human Rights Council take on President Donald Trump's administration.

Huawei tawar pelaburan besar kepada negara terima kehadirannya

Bulan lepas, pentadbiran Donald Trump mengeluarkan arahan yang boleh menyekat Huawei daripada menjual peralatannya di AS.

Mexico accuses fashion house Carolina Herrera of cultural appropriation

The Mexican culture ministry says the designs used by Carolina Herrera has meanings that are personal or specific to some families and communities.

Mexico says presidential plane sale to help fund migration plan

The agreement reached on Friday averted escalating import tariffs of 5% on Mexican goods.

Trump renews Mexico tariff threat amid row over migration deal

Trumps says the tariffs will be reinstated if Mexico’s new migration deal is not forthcoming.

Trump threatens more tariffs on Mexico

US President Donald Trump threatens to reinstate tariffs on Mexico if they do not vote in favour of part of a new immigration deal.

Asia stocks set to gain, yen drops on Mexico news

Asia stocks look set for gains and US equity futures climb after President Donald Trump suspended his plans for tariffs on Mexico.

US treasury’s Mnuchin says Mexico immigration deal fixes problems

If Mexico fails to fix its immigration problems, US president Donald Trump says tariffs will be imposed.

Trump’s Mexico reprieve offers rare good news for world economy

The World Bank forecast that the world economy will expand 2.6% this year, compared with a projection of 2.9% it made in January.

US to expand programme sending asylum seekers to Mexico

The US and Mexico will continue discussions on illegal immigration.

Mexico reaches deal with US on migration, averting tariff war

The announcement of a deal comes after three days of Mexico-US negotiations in Washington.

White House: Mexico not doing enough, on ‘path of tariffs’

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is holding a second straight day of talks in Washington in a bid to avert the tariffs.

Stock futures slip as no deal reached with Mexico

US and Japanese stock futures retreat as discussions between the Trump administration and Mexican officials on tariffs ended without an agreement.

Mexico president announces start of work on US$8 billion refinery

The huge project aims to boost Mexico's struggling state oil company Pemex and provide economic stimulus to the country's impoverished south.

Langkah AS kenakan tarif ke atas import dari Mexico undang pelbagai...

AS mengumumkan akan mengenakan tarif baru sebanyak 5% ke atas semua barangan import Mexico mulai 10 Jun.

Trump steps up attacks on Mexico, tariff threat called ‘deadly serious’

A top aide warns that US President Donald Trump is "deadly serious" about imposing tariffs on imports from Mexico.

Trump defends trade moves, says tariff is ‘a beautiful word’

Trade tensions on several fronts have driven a slide in asset values over the past few weeks.

Mexico City to decriminalise sex work, eyes steps to cut trafficking

Sex work is allowed in much of Mexico but states have different and sometimes unclear rules.

Mexican president confident US will negotiate on tariffs

Mexico’s president says there is willingness on the part of the US government to establish dialogue.

Mexican president predicts good results from US talks on tariffs

The tariffs will come into play on June 10 if Mexico does not halt the flow of illegal immigration across the US-Mexican border.

Trump’s newest tariff threat ripples across 2020 battlegrounds

Agricultural and industrial regions played an important role in US President Donald Trump’s electoral map in 2016.

Stinky seaweed threatens Mexico’s pristine beaches

Sargassum is a thick seaweed which has turn the crystalline water brown and fills the air with the smell of rotten-egg.

Carmakers see US$17 bln wiped out by Trump’s Mexico threat

Mexico is the largest source of US vehicle and auto-parts imports, meaning tariffs would increase costs for virtually every major manufacturer.

Mexico says Trump tariff move ‘disastrous,’ vows to retaliate

Mexico is blindsided by the announcement and will discuss it with the US before deciding if they should retaliate.