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Penyiasat dedah penemuan baru MH17 minggu depan

Pasukan siasatan bersama berkata, waris 298 kru dan penumpang MH17 akan dimaklumkan terlebih dahulu pada Rabu depan.

Investigators to unveil new MH17 findings next week

Relatives of the 298 people killed will be informed first next Wednesday, followed by a media briefing.

5 years after MH17 downing, airline conflict alert system remains patchy

Concerns persist over inadequate government intelligence sharing and reluctance by countries involved in a conflict to divulge information.

Malaysia wants evidence to show Russia shot down MH17

PM says the missile that brought down the plane was a Russian-type missile, but it could also be made in Ukraine.

Masjid hasil pampasan 6 mangsa MH17 dibuka di Kuching

Sumbangan pembinaan Masjid Al Ghazali bernilai RM3.5 juta sebahagian besarnya adalah wang pampasan 6 mangsa yang maut dalam tragedi MH17 yang ditembak jatuh di sempadan Ukraine-Rusia, Julai 2014.

Atasi masalah ekonomi, bukan tumpu Statut Rom, kata Najib

Ketiga-tiga kuasa besar dunia, iaitu Amerika Syarikat, Rusia dan China tidak meratifikasi Statut Rom.

Rights court notifies Russia of cases brought against it by MH17...

Moscow has 16 weeks to respond to the request for observations.

Family of American killed in downed MH17 jet sues Russian, US...

The Schansman family are suing the Russian banks and US-based money transfer companies under the US Antiterrorism Act.

Malaysia, Belanda bincang MH17 ditembak jatuh esok

Menteri Luar Negeri Belanda, Stef Blok dijadualkan bertemu Saifuddin Abdullah di Putrajaya esok.

Malaysia, the Netherlands to discuss downing of MH17

The foreign ministers of the two nations will also discuss palm oil and effects of Brexit.

Australia, Netherlands start talks with Russia over MH17 downing

All 298 people aboard were killed when the aircraft, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over territory held by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

MH17: Kami sedia bincang dengan Belanda, kata Rusia

Timbalan menteri luar Rusia berkata, mereka tidak pernah berhenti berdialog, termasuk di peringkat politik.

Russia says it is ready for talks with Netherlands on downing...

This comes a day after the Dutch foreign ministry said it was confident Russian officials would be willing to meet to decide who was responsible.

Belanda yakin Rusia sedia bincang mengenai MH17

Penyiasatan antarabangsa menyimpulkan bahawa jet penumpang yang dalam perjalanan dari Amsterdam ke Kuala Lumpur ditembak jatuh oleh peluru berpandu Rusia.

Dutch confident Russia will ‘sit down’ to talk about MH17

The Netherlands says it is constantly in contact with Russian officials.

Dutch to give free legal aid for MH17 claims

A trial is due to start within the next 5 years and will take place most likely in The Hague.

Dutch may take Russia to court over MH17

This comes as talks break down amid Russia's denial that it shot the passenger plane.

Kula on why Malaysia couldn’t refer MH17 case to international court

He says this was because Malaysia had failed to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Pertemuan Dr M, Putin mungkin bincang nahas MH17

Mesyuarat dua hala perdana menteri dengan presiden Rusia di luar Sidang Kemuncak Asean ke-33 itu dijadualkan berlangsung Selasa ini.

Say why it isn’t Russia, mum of MH17 co-pilot tells government

Noriah Daud says she is inclined to agree with the Joint Investigation Team's findings that Russia is responsible for downing the Malaysia Airlines plane.

MH17: Anthony Loke rubbishes influence of Russian operatives

Australian news portal ABC says observers were surprised when Malaysia said there is 'inconclusive evidence' connecting Russian military to the missile that brought down the MH17 plane.

Australia slams Russia over MH17 spy scandal

Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne condemned Russia after its operatives tried to hack files relating to the probe on the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane.

Russian spy saga shows darker side of Dutch ‘city of peace’

The Netherlands has found itself in Russian crosshairs too during the investigation into the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in 2014.

UK site leads the way in Skripal case with online savvy

Bellingcat in 2014 made its name almost immediately with investigations into the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine.