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Netherlands, Australia ‘won’t rest’ until MH17 victims get justice

Nations pursuing criminal prosecutions for those responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Netherlands wants Ukraine not to hand over MH17 suspect to Russia

Netherlands has contacted Ukraine ‘several times and at the very highest level’ in an effort to prevent the handover of Vladimir Tsemakh to Russia.

Dutch concerned by Ukrainian MH17 suspect’s release

Dutch investigators are concerned that they are going to have a hard time to question Vladimir Tsemakh now that he is out on bail.

Mahkamah Ukraine bebaskan suspek MH17 dengan ikat jamin

Hakim berkata, Volodymyr Tsemakh yang merupakan bekas komander pasukan pemisah disokong Rusia di timur Ukraine, perlu dibebaskan daripada tahanan sementara menunggu siasatan lanjut.

Ukraine court releases MH17 suspect on bail

A Ukranian judge says Volodymyr Tsemakh should be released immediately, pending further investigations.

Can’t rule out discussing MH17 with Putin, Dr M says

The prime minister says if the matter is brought up, he will have to discuss it.

MEPs urge Kiev not to extradite MH17 suspect to Moscow

Volodymyr Tsemakh is a key suspect in the investigation and European parliamentary members say his availability and testimony is of the utmost importance.

MH17 foundation raps Dr M for ‘sowing discord’ over JIT findings

Stichting Vliegramp MH17 tells the prime minister he is not serving the interests of the relatives of those who died onboard the ill-fated flight with his recent statements.

Saman Ukraine atas tragedi MH17, kata peguam

Guardial Singh Nijar berkata ahli keluarga mangsa boleh membuat saman di Ukraine, di mana pesawat itu ditembak jatuh 5 tahun lalu.

Ex-aviation chief: We couldn’t handle both MH370 and MH17

Azharuddin Abd Rahman said Malaysia was still occupied with investigating the mystery of the MH370 airliner which disappeared a few months before MH17 was shot down.

2 NGO susun laporan mengenai ‘kecacatan’ siasatan MH17

International Movement for a Just World and the Perdana Global Peace Foundation akan menyerahkan laporan kepada Perdana Menteri Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Sue Ukraine for MH17 disaster, lawyer suggests

Gurdial Singh Nijar says family members of the crash victims can file a class-action suit in Ukraine, where the plane was shot down five years ago.

Two NGOs compile report on ‘flaws’ in MH17 probe

Chandra Muzaffar says Dr Mahathir will be informed about the findings presented at a conference today.

5 years on, families of MH17 victims find solace in KL...

Relatives believe that justice will eventually be served for their loved ones

MH17 missile driver ‘already serving time’

Ukraine says the driver of the missile-trailer had been captured two years ago and is now serving a sentence.

At MH17 remembrance, families call for justice

Mourners at Dutch national monument mark the 5th anniversary surrounded by 298 trees, one for each victim.

Tak mungkin kita tahu ‘dalang’ tembak MH17, kata PM

Ini kerana insiden itu dilakukan secara sengaja sehingga mengorbankan 298 nyawa yang tidak bersalah.

Govt vows to continue seeking justice for MH17 victims

It says the government will continue to pursue those responsible for shooting down the aircraft five years ago.

Key questions about flight MH17, five years on

Hundreds of relatives have asked the European Court of Human Rights based in Strasbourg, France, to recognise Russia's responsibility for the crash.

Apa rancangan lanjut pihak berkuasa Malaysia, soal waris MH17

Waris penumpang MH17 berkata, tiada tindakan diambil pihak berkuasa Malaysia dalam tragedi itu menyebabkan ada di kalangan ahli keluarga yang bimbang dan tidak puas hati.

MH17 next of kin want Malaysian authorities to do more

Relatives of passengers support findings by Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team, question silence of Malaysia Airlines.

MH17: Suspect held by Ukraine has important info on BUK, says...

The former pro-Russian separatist commander's testim­ony at international courts could lead to serious consequences for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, Aussie daily says.

Tragedi MH17: Ukraine tahan bekas tentera anti-pesawat

Volodymyr Tsemakh ditahan pada 27 Jun dalam satu operasi oleh pihak berkuasa wilayah pemisah Republik Rakyat Donetsk.

Former anti-aircraft gunner nabbed over MH17 downing

Volodymyr Tsemakh was detained on June 27 during an operation by Ukrainian security forces.