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Ex-aviation chief: We couldn’t handle both MH370 and MH17

Azharuddin Abd Rahman said Malaysia was still occupied with investigating the mystery of the MH370 airliner which disappeared a few months before MH17 was shot down.

Pasukan mencari MH370 abai ‘arus Stokes’, kata penyelidik

Sekumpulan penyelidik menyebut bahawa pasukan yang berusaha mengesan lokasi terakhir pesawat MH370 mungkin mencari di tempat yang salah.

MH370 search teams ignored ‘Stokes drift’, say researchers

Study says new model taking into account ocean drifts will help in future searches.

MH370 co-pilot may have made emergency call, says leaked report

The report says a mobile phone number was detected by a telco tower in Bandar Baru Farlim, Penang.

5 years on, 5 theories about MH370’s disappearance

Search efforts ended last year, with only a few fragments of the plane found.

‘I will never give up’ vows relative of missing Chinese national...

Putrajaya last week said it would consider resuming the search if viable proposals or credible leads emerged.

Hollywood producer plans movie on MH370 via crowd-funding

Darlene Lieblich Tipton, who was recently embroiled in a controversy, says she hopes to give each family of those who were on board the ill-fated plane US$100,000.

Malaysia ready to back firms willing to find missing flight MH370,...

Ocean Infinity has yet to put forward a fresh proposal for a new search using new technology, says Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook.

Teka-teki pemanggil ‘misteri’ MH370 terjawab

Zulhaimi Wahidin nafi beliau buat panggilan kepada Zaharie sebelum pesawat hilang untuk bantunya merampas kapal terbang tersebut.

No indication MH370 crashed in Straits of Melaka, says former deputy...

Aziz Kaprawi says the claim by four Indonesian fishermen could not be entertained because no debris has been found in the area.

Tiada petunjuk MH370 jatuh di Selat Melaka, kata bekas timbalan menteri

Dakwaan nelayan Indonesia harus diketepi kerana tidak ada serpihan pesawat MH370 dijumpai di Selat Melaka.

Nelayan Indonesia dakwa nampak pesawat MH370 di Selat Melaka

Pesawat bergerak seperti layang-layang, sebelum terhempas ke air, kata mereka.

We saw final moments of MH370, say fishermen

Four fishermen from Indonesia claim to have witnessed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 going down in the Straits of Melaka.

Pencari kapal tunjuk serpihan dikatakan milik MH370

Blaine Gibson menunjukkan 5 serpihan dipercayai daripada pesawat Boeing 777 yang diberikan oleh nelayan berdekatan Madagascar.

US hunter shows debris said to be of missing flight MH370

These five items include a part from a Boeing 777 floor panel, according to group spokesman Blaine Gibson.

Govt ready to resume search for MH370 if credible evidence emerges

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook says he will meet families who claim they have found more pieces of the missing plane.

MH370 families say they may have found pieces of debris

They say they will meet the transport minister on Friday to hand over the newly discovered debris.

US judge dismisses litigation over MH370

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ruled that the case filed by the victims' families belonged in Malaysia and not in the US.

Mahkamah benarkan Malaysia Airlines batal saman keluarga MH370

Peguam syarikat penerbangan negara itu berkata, ia bukan pihak betul untuk disaman kerana belum diperbadankan ketika MH370 hilang.

Malaysia Airlines struck out from lawsuit by MH370 families

High Court allows MAB's bid to annul the lawsuit, while the airliner's lawyer says it is not the right party to be sued as it was not yet incorporated at the time of the incident.

Previous Khazanah-appointed board members in Malaysia Airlines must go, Putrajaya told

Aviation workers' union Nufam says the sovereign wealth fund has only made things worse for the national airline.

MH370 search vessel to look for missing Argentine sub

The Seabed Constructor ship, used to search for flight MH370, will begin a new search for the missing Argentine submarine that disappeared last year.

Aviation expert slams MH370 investigators

Mike Keane writes in The Australian that pilot hijack is the only realistic scenario that makes sense of what is dubbed the greatest aviation mystery in history.

In China, MH370 relatives waiting for Dr Mahathir

They want the search for the aircraft to resume, monthly meeting with Malaysian officials, and investigators to explain the recent MH370 report.