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Tag: Michael Manyin

Maths and Science in English: Manyin tells teachers to ‘Gasak Ajak’

Many teachers have been using Bahasa Malaysia for donkey years to teach the subjects and they will have some problems implementing the change.

Sarawakians looking down on TVET, laments Sarawak minister

Michael Manyin says although there are many opportunities for skilled workers and institutions are offering skills-related courses, few are interested.

We wouldn’t have dilapidated schools with education autonomy, says Sarawak

The state education minister slams Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen for politicising the issue, saying children will suffer in the end.

Sarawak govt’s ‘unlawful demands’ delayed school repairs, says state DAP

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen urges swift compliance with the finance ministry’s rules so that the RM1 billion fund can be allocated.

Sarawak minta dana pusat latih hampir 3,000 guru

Sarawak bakal menjadi negeri pertama melaksanakan pengajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris di sekiolah rendah.

Frequent U-turns make dealing with Putrajaya difficult, says Sarawak minister

State minister Michael Manyin cites recent decision by Putrajaya to turn down the Sarawak government's offer of a RM1 billion loan to repair dilapidated schools in the state.

Putrajaya tolak tawaran pinjaman RM1 bilion Sarawak baiki sekolah daif

Kerajaan negeri tidak harus diminta menyediakan dana untuk membaik pulih sekolah daif di Sarawak kerana pendidikan berada di bawah bidang kuasa persekutuan.

Maszlee hands over RM100 mil to rebuild 33 dilapidated schools in...

The industrialised building system will be used to build the schools quickly.

Follow Sarawak in having own education ministry, Sabah urged

Parti Warisan Sabah says a push for greater autonomy in education will allow focus to be given to local history, culture, industrial needs and the English language.