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Tag: Michael Teo

Calon bebas lapor polis ahli Parlimen PKR agih kupon makanan di...

Malar Rajaram yakin Dr Michael Teo akan dikenakan tindakan kerana melanggar Akta Kesalahan Pilihan Raya 1954.

Bersih pertikai agihan kupon makanan percuma menjelang PRK Rantau

Michael Teo berkata, beliau mengadakan program pengagihan kupon makanan percuma kepada pelajar miskin di Rantau atas permintaan calon PH, Streram Sinnasamy.

Bersih cries foul over free food coupons ahead of Rantau polls

The electoral watchdog says it believes Miri MP Dr Michael Teo committed the election offence of treating.

SUPP banks on Sebastian Ting, Adam Yii in battle for Miri

The Miri parliamentary seat was once a SUPP bastion, and the party wants it back from PKR.

PKR’s Michael Teo will defend Miri seat

State PH leaders say matter is resolved following recent criticism by a DAP state rep on Miri voters wanting change.

Police need computer-savvy squad to tackle scammers, says MP

PKR's Miri MP Dr Michael Teo says police must set up a squad that is similar to one in China that has been quite successful in nabbing online scammers.

Baru welcomes Sarawak corporation’s legal move against him

Legal action may be initiated against Sarawak PKR chief for alleging that state Housing Development Corporation paid RM2.88 million for paint jobs that were never done.