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Tag: Middle East

Oil prices surge after Iran oil tanker explosion

Conflict in Middle East reignites concern of threat to global supply.

The US and Iran are playing a dangerous game

When the US and Iran have played all their cards in the current game, a more dangerous one is likely to begin.

Oil shipping rates rocket as US sanctions rattle crude trade

Asian oil buyers rush to secure vessels, chartering rate up as much as 28%.

Ringgit opens slightly lower against US dollar

Oil tensions in the middle east impacts the local note to open slightly lower against the US dollar today.

Is Arab unity dead?

A number of Arab governments are working closely with Israel to address the Iranian threat because they regard Iran a fundamental threat to their interests.

Why the Middle East is betting on China

Despite having naval bases in Djibouti and Gwadar in Pakistan, China does not aspire to have any great political role in the Middle East.

US oil a threat to Mideast sellers in Asia market

The flow of oil from the US to Asia is expanding, hence resulting in rivals between Middle Eastern and American oil producers.

US turning Gulf into ‘tinderbox’, says Iranian foreign minister

Javad Zarif blames the fragile nature of the Gulf area on the US bringing in weapons to the region.

Dubai is back and a bargain, at least to stock pickers...

Hobbled by a lacklustre economy and languishing in the shadow of its Gulf Arab neighbours, the emirate’s stocks have dropped in three of the last four years.

Ringgit slightly lower at opening

Apart from the expected US rate cuts, tensions in the Middle East also contribute to the high and low of the ringgit.

Ships deploy unarmed guards to avoid escalation in critical areas

Shipping associations are urging merchant shipping companies to avoid using private armed security personnel in critical areas.

Netanyahu warns Israel’s jets ‘can reach’ Iran

Israel is unafraid over Iran's threat to destroy the Jewish nation stating its US made F-35 fighter jets can reach anywhere in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia says firm stand needed to deter Iran

King Salman says the absence of a firm deterrent stance against Iranian behaviour is what led to the escalation we see today.

Kushner heads to Mideast to press US peace plan

The Trump administration is expected to unveil the long-awaited plan possibly as early as next month.

Iran not pursuing war

The statement comes after Saudi Arabia called for Gulf and Arab leaders to convene emergency summits.

Middle East tensions take an ominous turn

Tensions between the US and the Middle East are said to be growing with recent developments.

China to invest US$3.4 Billion in Dubai for trading initiative

China is continuing its investment into the middle east.

US health officials seek to stem measles outbreaks traced to Israel,...

Persons infected with the virus brought it to the USA from Israel and Ukraine and passed it on to members of their tight-knit communities, many of whom had not been vaccinated.

Uber, Mastercard deals mark arrival of Mideast tech sector

Investors are expected to deploy more capital to the sector as they see the outcomes of companies such as Careem and Souq.com.

Uber announces US$3.1 billion deal to buy Mideast rival Careem

The announcement comes as San Francisco-based Uber is preparing to file in April for an initial public offering.

Mideast anger over Trump’s Golan vow ‘breaking international law’

Trump's comments on Golan Heights were seen as a 'blind bias' towards Israel.

No pressure to withdraw from Syria by specific date

Last December, President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of all 2,000 US troops after they had defeated the Islamic State militants in Syria.

Yemen pull-out shows Malaysia’s increasing independence over foreign policy, says academic

James M Dorsey says the current government's approach to dealing with Saudi Arabia, the US and China shows Malaysia 'charting a more independent force'.

Qatar Asian Cup victory to ‘deepen’ Gulf tensions

Strained Qatar-UAE ties may worsen due to Qatari Asian Cup victory.