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Tag: middle income

Trump says new tax cut plan may come before November vote

The president didn’t provide any details on the proposal, which would follow a landmark tax overhaul last year that Republicans had hoped would ensure they’d keep control of Congress after the midterms.

The real story about Malaysian Indians

The statistics thrown about which claim the majority of Indians support MIC need careful examining and reassessment.

Report: Foreign managers earn 40% more than locals

Bank Negara says the ready availability of foreign workers, especially in low-skilled jobs, has distorted wages and made employers reluctant to pay locals more.

EPF contributors advised against making hasty withdrawals

President of an Indian entrepreneurs' association says this will help prevent them from falling victim to scammers.

PKR: Urban family of 4 needs RM6,000 income per month

Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen justifies estimate for monthly expenses, saying a similar family in rural setting would need RM4,500.

Dismal number of jobs created in last 4 years

In the midst of the 1MDB controversy, only low- and lower middle-income jobs were created despite the push to become a high-income nation soon.

Malaysia no longer in middle-income trap, says academician

The country is well set to become a high-income economy following success in lowering the fiscal deficit and raising private investments, according to Sunway University's Dr Yeah Kim Leng.

Daycare centres for middle class can survive rising costs

Bright Kids CEO predicts stable revenue for childcare centres catering to middle-income families.