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12 killed as migrant boat sinks off western Turkey

Thirty-one others have been saved by rescuers.

Mediterranean countries ramp up efforts to find missing migrants

Mediterranean countries say they have taken a key step towards finding out the fate of thousands of migrants – many fleeing Syria's war – who have gone missing while trying to reach Europe.

At least 30 Venezuelan migrants missing after boat sinks

It's the third such boat carrying Venezuelan migrants to capsize in the last month, with a total of 80 people now missing.

Dozens of migrants drown off Tunisia coast after leaving Libya

A boat has capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the Tunisian coast drowning 70 migrants from Libya.

Hundreds of migrants in southern Mexico board ‘The Beast’

In search of a better life, hundreds of migrants board 'The Beast' to the United States.

Over 1,000 migrants break out of southern Mexico detention centre

Migrants from Cuba were largely behind the breakout.

White House reviewing ‘options’ to send migrants to sanctuary cities

Sanctuary cities are jurisdictions in 27 US states that limit cooperation between local law enforcement and immigration authorities.

More Rohingya found on Perlis beach, say cops

The group of 37 men were detained around Simpang Empat, weeks after another group of 35 were found at the same beach in Perlis.

Pope criticises building walls to keep migrants out

Pope Francis has indirectly critisised US president Donald Trump's threat to shut down the southern border with Mexico.

‘Wound’ of migration not solved by physical barriers, pope says

In recent months, migration has again risen to the fore of national political debates in a number of North African and European countries and the United States.

Pope visits Morocco to boost dialogue, meet migrants

The Moroccan capital Rabat has stepped up security ahead of his arrival.

Child’s body washes up on a Lesbos beach

It was believed to be the body of a nine-year-old girl who went missing after a boat sank off the east of Lesbos.

Teaching the Holocaust to ‘new Swedes’

As Sweden fears of growing anti-Semitic sentiment within its borders, efforts are undertaken by community leaders and educators to teach young migrants about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Migrants scramble aboard Calais ferry, sparking police sweep

The migrants clamber aboard the Danish-operated DFDS ferry by using a maintenance ladder at high tide.

Tens of thousands pack stadium for first papal mass on Arabian...

More than 120,000 worshippers packed Zayed Sports City stadium and its surroundings in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, to see the pope.

Italy’s Salvini threatens to sue migant rescuers

Italy's interior minister says the evidence will be handed to the judicial authorities.

Italy pressures Dutch and French over storm-tossed migrant rescue ship

With little space on board, many of the migrants are forced to stay on deck, sheltering under a tarpaulin but with little heat.

US to begin returning asylum seekers to Mexico

Serious doubts exist over whether Mexico can keep asylum seekers safe, especially in border towns that are often more violent than the cities they left.

Time to help the first Malaysians

With the Cameron Highlands by-election showing the importance of the Orang Asli as voters, it is only right for the government to implement effective programmes to uplift the community, including granting them land rights.

EU nations deadlocked on rescued migrants

Vessel of rights group, Sea Watch 3, is sheltering from stormy weather off the coast of Malta, which like Italy, has refused to allow the boat into port.

France announces ‘action plan’ to counter migrant Channel crossings

The plan will see stepped-up police patrols around ports where some migrants have attempted to steal boats.

Boat with 311 migrants docks in Spain after spending Christmas at...

The migrants come from 19 different countries, and more than a third of them are minors.

UN: US authorities must probe migrant girl’s death, stop child detentions

US officials have said the US Department of Homeland Security's internal watchdog will investigate the girl's death.

Body of Guatemalan migrant girl who died in US custody returns...

Jakelin's father is seeking asylum in the United States.