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With China threat, Japan shouldn’t reject offensive weapons, says US

Senior officer says Beijing’s bolstered weapons inventory threatens whole region.

Turkish soldier killed in Syrian Kurd attack, defence ministry says

Kurdish forces carried out 20 attacks despite ceasefire.

Thai opposition protests army troop transfer to king

Future Forward party says no emergency justifies the decree, accuses PM of acting like a junta leader.

Satellite images show stealth Chinese aircraft carrier ‘factory’

Analysts say the military superpower’s naval capability may be entering a new phase.

S. Korean soldier who lost legs to landmine aims for Paralympic gold

He puts rowing skills picked up in rehab towards securing a spot at Tokyo Games.

South Korean visitor numbers to Japan plunge by 60%

The travel boycott is a response to renewed acrimony, trade war between the two nations.

Draft defence white paper approved, to be tabled Dec 2

Defence Minister Mohamed Sabu says the white paper will guide the ministry's efforts for the next 10 years.

Protesters blame Trump for exposing Kurds to Turkish offensive

Demonstrators let their dismay be known outside of White House.

US deploys troops to Saudi Arabia over Iran threat

2 fighter squadrons and additional missile defence batteries are being sent to Saudi Arabia.

Now, Saudi women can join military

Move part of a series of reforms aimed at widening female rights in the kingdom.

Trump threatens Turkey with economic ‘obliteration’

Trump's warning on Turkey's economy appeared aimed at placating critics.

Defence White Paper to be tabled in December

Defence minister says the document, which will chart out a 10-year defence plan, is in its final stages.

China bigger threat than nuclear-armed North Korea, says Japan

Japan is ramping up its defence spending to counter China's modernising military.

Stealth bomber for Area 51 crowd? US military apologises for tweet

The US military unit says the tweet was inappropriate and apologises for the mistake.

Turkey official confident US won’t impose sanctions over Russian missile buy

The senior Turkish official says the US can empathise with why Ankara needs the Russian missile defence system.

Turkey says delivery of second S-400 battery complete

Ankara and Washington have been at loggerheads over Turkey's purchase of the S-400 systems.

Egypt’s Sisi denies graft accusations

Construction contractor Mohamed Aly claims authorities have misappropriated millions of Egyptian pounds in public funds. 

N-day honour for soldier who lost right leg to landmine

Policeman who killed 12 communist terrorists also receives an award from Sultan of Perak.

Myanmar jails filmmaker for Facebook posts critical of military

161 people are in jail or on trial in Myanmar on politically motivated charges says a human rights group.

S.Korea slams Japan as ‘white list’ removal takes effect

Seoul's foreign ministry summoned the Japanese ambassador to protest against its removal from the white list.

S.Korea to scrap intelligence-sharing pact with Japan amid feud

With the decision not to extend the pact, the political and trade disputes between South Korea and Japan now extend into some of the most sensitive national security issues in the region.

Pentagon axes troubled US$1 bil contract for missile defence

The US undersecretary of defence for research and engineering says ending the program was the responsible thing to do. 

Philippines warns of ‘unfriendly’ greeting for uninvited warships

The Philippine military says there have been multiple sightings this year of Chinese warships moving within the country's 12 mile territorial sea.

Mat Sabu wants bigger allocation to beef up armed forces

The defence minister says Malaysia only spent 0.9% of GDP, or RM3.4 billion, on defence last year.