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US House also seeks to block Trump arms sales to Saudi...

The lower chamber's pushback against the White House comes a week after US senators across the political spectrum also moved to prevent the US$8.1 billion sale.

Iran: US troop move to Middle East dangerous for international peace

Javad Zarif says the increase of US military personnel in the Middle East threatens international peace and security and should be addressed.

US orders new troops to Middle East to counter Iran ‘threat’

US President Donald Trump has ordered the deployment of 1,500 additional US troops and military hardware to the Middle East amid rising tension with Iran.

US State Dept approves possible US$314 mln sale of missiles to...

The proposed sale comes after North Korea recently criticised South Korea's defence purchases from the United States.

Netanyahu: Israel to press ‘massive strikes’ against Gaza militants

Benjamin Netanyahu wants his men to step up their military defence against terrorists in the Gaza strip.

Sexual assaults spike in US military, hit new record

In light of the survey results, the US Defence Department says it is looking to make sexual harassment a stand-alone crime.

India’s own Tejas light fighter jet on show at Lima

Two of the light combat aircraft will put on aerobatic displays while a navy corvette is also coming for the defence show

French soldiers on duty for next ‘yellow vest’ protest

Last Saturday, more than 5,000 police officers failed to stop hundreds of violent protesters from rampaging along the Champs-Elysees.

US, S.Korea to ‘discontinue’ major military exercise

It was suggested by a government official that military drills will be downgraded in South Korea rather than removed entirely.

Russia accuses US of preparing military intervention in Venezuela

The US and a raft of other countries have backed the country's opposition, while China and Russia have stood by Maduro's government.

Microsoft workers call on company to cancel military contract

The workers say they are alarmed that Microsoft is working to provide weapons technology to the US Military, helping one country's government 'increase lethality' using tools they built.

Microsoft workers call on company to cancel military contract

Internal opposition has become a persistent issue for consumer technology companies looking to sell products for military and law enforcement use.

Trump signs ‘Space Force’ directive

President Donald Trump's Space Force would be the sixth branch of the military together with the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Cuba denies military in Venezuela

Communist-run Cuba has been a key backer of the Venezuelan government since the Bolivarian Revolution that began under former leader Hugo Chavez in 1998.

US military not decided yet on necessity of border wall

The defence secretary has yet to decide whether the wall is militarily necessary before money from the military construction budget can be used.

Amphibious assault craft take beach in US-Thai war drills

Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia also took part in the war games.

Thai junta pegs economic fortunes to China as uncertainty looms

Prayut Chan-O-Cha is looking to hold onto power and drive through the largest investment programme in Thai history with China's help.

Pakistan censors NYT article critical of military

Last week, over a dozen PTM protestors, were detained including prominent rights activist Gulalai Ismail.

S.Korea signs deal to pay more for US troops after Trump...

Unlike past agreements, which last for five years, this one is scheduled to expire in a year.

Humanitarian aid used as weapon in Maduro-Guaido conflict

Guaido has pressed the all-critical military to allow the mostly American humanitarian aid to reach the most vulnerable population.

Russia approves 38 million euro loan to Cuba’s military

The deal was announced after Russian President Vladimir Putin met Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel in Moscow.

Iraqi president says Trump did not ask permission to ‘watch Iran’

Salih responds to a question about Trump's comments to CBS about how he would ask troops stationed in Iraq to "watch" Iran.

Military steps in as Australia floods bring crocs to the streets

Desperate residents have to contend not only with flash flooding, landslides and power blackouts, but also reptilian predators that have been spotted in residential roads.

Trump wants US military in Iraq to ‘watch Iran’

The president says it is important to keep a US military presence in Iraq to be able to watch Iran.