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Malaysian millennials save money but don’t invest, survey finds

But they are quite disciplined and follow monthly budgets.

Millennials, not taxes, get blame for India’s falling auto sales

Millennials’ preference for ride-hailing services the reason for drop in auto sales.  

Rethink your millennial hiring process

You need to adjust your recruitment process to appeal to millennials.

American millennials are taking more ‘micro-cations’

A micro-cation is defined as a leisure trip lasting no longer than four nights.

Are millennials abandoning diamonds?

Increasing numbers of millennials prefer to take a more personal approach to rock shopping, favouring types that highlight their personalities.

US millennials a popular but elusive target for brands

Every major American company is touting its efforts to attract these young people.

How millennials and the gig economy are impacting the way we...

These are some of the megatrends outlined in a new report from the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Millennials rule over Indonesian stock market as foreigners flee

For the second year running, people aged between 21 and 30 are the biggest group of investors in Indonesian equities, data from the nation’s stock exchange show.

Property: Millennials not so positive but Gen Z are buying

While the target for real estate professionals has always been the Millennials, it may be time to focus on the younger population now.

Integrating millennials into the workforce

Millennials value teamwork, collaboration and the sense that they are helping change the world in some small way.

Millennials willing to give up booze and sex for chance to...

The survey also revealed how this demographic prepares for their holidays.

The End of Plastic: Eco-fashion becomes catwalk reality

Everyone from young avant-garde designers to the big-name brands are racing to hop on the eco-fashion bandwagon.

Yes, millennials can start investing from as low as RM100

If you keep to a budget and have consistent savings, you will be able to monitor your cash flow and determine the amount of capital you have to initiate an investment.

Move over millennials, it’s Gen Z’s turn to kill off industries

Today, businesses and marketers are desperately anticipating the murderous whims of Gen Z, the demographic born after 1996.

2 ways millennials invest and what you can learn from it

Millennials conduct extensive research before investing and demand more transparency and digital security.

What millennial heirs did this summer: Lessons on how to be...

The event is designed to stamp the UBS brand on the minds of the next generation of the ultra-wealthy—in essence, to hook them while they’re young.

Millennials are making a costly investment mistake

The millennials were found to have the lowest propensity to be earning interest on their savings.

Millennials are more likely to post ‘deceptive’ vacation photos on social...

When Millennials share photos of their beach-side or glamorous European vacation, there's vanity, competition and a touch of deception behind their posts.

Singapore’s 139-year-old telecom has plans for millennials

The telecom giant yesterday announced it plans to start a competitive gaming league this year and will eventually sponsor its own team.

Investing tips every millennial should know

As a general rule, start early so you can learn through small mistakes and let time create wealth for you.

Millennials want diversity that’s more than just skin-deep

A diverse workforce could be key to retaining millennial talent at a time when many young employees believe job hopping can be beneficial for one’s career.

Rich moms, millennials make Canada a hot market for Rolls-Royce

Canada accounts for roughly 10% of Rolls-Royce’s sales in the Americas although the country’s rich represent only 6% of the hemisphere’s high-net-worth population.

Buhari remarks on young Nigerians’ work ethic stirs social media storm

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari drew the ire of many young Nigerians for remarking that their generation was lazy and unmotivated.

Debt-conscious millennials are ditching credit cards

Millennials have been accused of disrupting many industries, from newspapers to brick-and-mortar stores. Credit cards appear to be next in line.