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25 injured as quake rocks southern Philippines

The 5.8-magnitude quake struck the northeast coast of Mindanao island at a depth of 11.8 kilometres.

Selatan Filipina digegar gempa 5.3 magnitud

Kejadian berlaku pada 1.26 petang waktu tempatan pada kedalaman 9 km, 71 km tenggara bandar General Luna.

Rebels named leaders of Philippine Muslim territory

President Rodrigo Duterte personally swears in Murad Ebrahim as interim chief minister at a symbolic Manila ceremony. 

Perkembangan positif di Mindanao baik untuk Sabah, kata Anifah

Bekas menteri luar, Anifah Aman berkata, Malaysia mengepalai rundingan damai sebagai fasilitator pihak ketiga di selatan Filipina sejak 2001.

Positive developments in Mindanao good for Sabah, says ex-foreign minister

However, an academic cautions that it will take a few years before Sabah feels the effects of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Autonomous Mindanao good news for Sabah, says Philippine consul

Ruel Gunabe says BARMM will bring an end to the conflict in Mindanao, which in turn will boost safety in the region and result in better trade relations with Sabah.

Philippines seeks peace with Muslim self-rule vote

Roughly 2.8 million voters will be watched over by a contingent of 20,000 police and soldiers, amid fears rival insurgent groups could use violence to try to disrupt the poll.

Gempa bumi magnitud 7.1 gegar selatan Filipina

Gegaran berlaku berhampiran Pondaguitan pada jam 11.39 pagi waktu tempatan di kedalaman 49 km.

Earthquake of 6.9 strikes off Philippines, tsunami waves possible

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the earthquake.

Philippine MPs approve martial rule extension for south

Martial law allows the military to impose curfews, checkpoints and gun controls in a nation where civilians are allowed to own firearms.

Malaysia komited kukuh kerjasama keselamatan 3 negara

Keputusan itu antara hasil perbincangan menteri di Kem Emilio Aguinaldo di bandar raya Quezon, Filipina.

Gempa bumi kuat landa Mindanao

Mindanao dilanda gempa bumi 6.3 pada skala Richter pada 3.16 petang tadi,

Strong quake shakes southern Philippines

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology reports the quake to have struck off the coast of the southern town of Manay at a depth of 14 kilometres.

Bombing at Philippine street festival leaves 1 dead, wounds 34

An initial investigation was underway and there were no suspects or immediate claims of responsibility.

‘My name is Ramasamy, and I’m not a terrorist’

DAP leader says he is a peace lover, not a fighter, and has helped Muslim provinces such as Aceh and Mindanao in their peace talks.

Duterte’s push to alter Constitution bombs with majority of voters

Filipinos are wary of constitutional change that smacks of a power grab with most not viewing governance problems as constitutional but a problem of leaders.

Coffee conquers conflict for business-savvy farmers in the Philippines

CfP aims to encourage dialogue between communities, with tensions ranging from colonial-era conflict between native Muslims and Christian settlers to land and resource disputes between ethnic groups.

‘Killed’ Abu Sayyaf militant gives himself up to Filipino army

Nurhassan Jamiri, who led a militant Abu Sayyaf sub-group, is reported to have given himself up with 13 followers to Philippine troops in Basilan yesterday.

Fresh clashes as Marawi gunmen seek new base in Mindanao

Philippine military commander says militants in southern Philippines are recruiting again in bid to build caliphate.

Four dead as storm hits southern Philippines

Tropical Storm Sanba struck the Philippines with winds of 75 kilometres (47 miles) an hour, and also brought heavy rain and set off landslides.

Militants’ bombs kill Philippine soldier, wound civilians

Militants' bombs kill Philippine soldier, wound civilians

UN warns of “massive” human rights abuses on Philippines’ Mindanao

The international body fears the situation could deteriorate further if martial law is extended until the end of 2018.

Esscom’s planned Ligitan security post to be beefed up

Ligitan island, farthest Malaysian territory bordering Philippines, Indonesia, used by militant Amin Baco as entry point to Sabah, says EssCom chief.

Duterte seeks martial law extension for south

Rights groups and other critics warn Duterte is destroying democracy in the Philippines with strongman rule and a war on drugs that has claimed thousands of lives.