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Tag: Minimum wage

PSM chief calls for new strategy to revise minimum wage

However, Dr Michael Jeyakumar warns that raising wages too much may cause the country to lose out on important investments.

Thailand says slowing economy dims outlook for minimum-wage hike

About 4 million Thais live on minimum wages, prompting business lobbies to call for delays in any increase as poor economic conditions are already pressuring companies.

30% of employers not complying with minimum wage ruling

Employers given a grace period of one month to buck up.

Higher wages through more technical training

Skills training centres may be opened after hours, says human resources minister Kula Segaran.

PH government good so far, but could be much better

It may be too much to expect a stronger turnaround so soon, but where there is resistance to transformation and change for the better, the government has to be tougher.

B40 still in trouble a year after May 9, ex-MP says

PSM central committee member Dr Michael Jeyakumar warns of a decline in B40 support for PH due to the perceived failure to address issues faced by the poor.

NGOs call for rise in minimum wage in Labour Day march

The rally participants also want the government to prevent workplace discrimination.

Nearly full compliance with minimum wage, says Kula

The human resources minister says 98% of employers have complied with the directive which came into force earlier this year.

Minimum wage based on sectors in 2 years

Minister M Kula Segaran says minimum wage matters are reviewed every two years.

Hands off minimum wage

Means testing is a fairer way of redistributing wealth and resources.

MTUC against minimum wage based on sectors

The umbrella union says this will take away the negotiating power of unions to get the best possible wage for workers.

Kula defends statement on different minimum wages according to sectors

The human resources minister says this is what the National Wages Consultative Council Act recommends.

Penang MTUC raps Kula over minimum wage

It reminds the minister of Pakatan Harapan's pledge to raise the minimum wage to RM1,500, following his statement that RM1,100 is 'too high' for some sectors.

Current minimum wage of RM1,100 too high for some sectors, says...

The human resources minister says the ministry is looking into more "relevant" basic salaries for different sectors.

India cannot afford to guarantee minimum wage

While governments everywhere should take care of their most vulnerable citizens, the idea of guaranteeing a basic income is wrong for India right now.

Pay minimum wage or face action, Sabah employers warned

State Labour Department tells workers not receiving their dues to lodge reports.

French court rules against Uber in employment contract case

The contract between Uber and its former driver was "an employment contract" because the driver was dependent for his work on the ride-hailing app.

France’s “yellow vest” protests could shake up euro zone bond markets

French president Emmanuel Macron is pledging tax cuts for pensioners and minimum wage increases that will cost France a whopping 8-10 billion euros.

Moon Jae-in doubles down on unpopular economic agenda

President Moon Jae-in strongly believes in his government’s economic policy basis and explains why it’s impossible to have sustainable growth without changing the imbalanced structure of South Korea's polarised society.

Survey busts myth that youths asking for too much pay

It shows Malaysians are not shy to accept lower-paying jobs just to stay employed.

Have living wage instead of minimum wage, says MTUC

The Penang MTUC says this will help overcome the problem of workers having to work long hours to make ends meet or pay off debts.

EPF to align monthly contribution with new minimum wages order

Employees who earn monthly wages are expected to make a minimum contribution of RM264.

Are workers being left behind in the New Malaysia?

At the heart of the country's labour and employment issues is the need to ensure that every worker enjoys a decent standard of living.

No end to argument on foreign workers

As long as there are no real policy changes in minimum wages and the entry of foreign workers into the country, locals will continue to look overseas to earn a decent living.